The best aspect of always having my iPhone is that I can constantly tape-record all the cool stuff taking place around me. I do a remarkable thing, I take an image of the amazing thing. The only issue is that when I’ve actually shared the picture to Facebook or Instagram or wherever, it’s simply gone. I am not visiting return in 3 months and experience again the remarkable things I did on a certain day with social networks posts. It would be uncomfortable to accomplish, and, let us face it, the outcomes would not be that appealing.

Enter Days, a great app for tape-recording every one of the swell things you perform in a twenty-four hour period. It looks great and was produced keeping a day’s worth of activity in a single orderly update. We will take a look and see how it fares against all the methods you currently have to share all of your stuff.

How Was Your Day?

To get started, you’ll should develop a brand-new account in Days. Select a username and password, and upload an avatar to represent yourself. Days lets you include your telephone number to your account when you are setting things up, and that seemed a bit grabby to me, however you do what feels right. Once you are in, you can add a little blurb about yourself or set your account to private, so that just you can see your Days updates.

Get your account set up how you like.

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Get your account established how you such as.

Now that you are in, you can begin to get your feet. Have a look at the Everyone tab. You’ll discover all of the Days posts for all of the friends you included during account creation right here, or if you are a hermit like me and don’t have any friends with the Days app, you’ll simply have Jeremy, CEO at Days. What Tom was to Myspace, Jeremy is to Days. I found it useful to go to Jeremy’s day to obtain a feel for what I ought to be finishing with Days.

Each day is a single upgrade that gets uploaded after twenty-four hours. You can’t publish your day any sooner than that, so you’ll need to wait to let everyone understand about that remarkable vegan breakfast you simply had until tomorrow. What you do is gather images and captions throughout your day, sort of a curated look at the day in the life of you. Each day can then be saved and shared as a single post, rather of being released in dribs and drabs through numerous social networks.

You can take pictures and add captions to let followers know what's going on.

You can take photos and add captions to let followers know exactly what’s going on.

Once your day has actually been uploaded, followers on Days can comment on things you have been doing. Each upgrade within your day will have its own set of remarks, but you can also see every one of your comments as one long thread. Days includes 9 fun little emoticons too, that’ll appear next to a commenter’s image, and while that’s not a lot to deal with, it does permit you to add personality to your comments.

Take the Day

Days is attempting to be two very various things. That’s all right. It’s a social network firstly, and it permits you to share the stuff you are doing with friends and interact with their posts. The problem with that’s I currently have a bunch of social networks to examine and keep up with. I am sort of all right adding Days to the list, but it’s not going to supplant the big guys, and it’s already twenty-four hours behind. It’s visiting be tough to persuade my buddies to take part when they can upload photos of the funny-shaped potato they saw at the farmer’s market to Instagram today, no should wait till tomorrow early morning.

You can personalize your post a bit, and friends can comment on public posts.

You can personalize your post a bit, and buddies can discuss public posts.

The various other thing Days can be is an individual diary. I think this probably works much better with an exclusive account, but that’s actually up to you, and you might anticipate talk about your entries. Either way, if you are making use of Days as a means to tape-record your day for yourself rather than as a method to connect with others, it’s visiting be great for that.

I did finally manage to share my day, but I never got my social networks connected.

I did lastly handle to share my day, however I never got my social networks connected.

I attempted to incorporate the 2, record what I did for myself and link to Facebook to share my day. It would be a post to say, “Hey! Look exactly what I did!” Sadly, that doesn’t work too well. There are propels throughout account creation to link to Facebook and Twitter to discover friends, and I was hoping somebody would turn up, however I couldn’t ever get Days to work like that. I just got error after mistake. Later on, when I wished to share my Days post by connecting to Facebook from within the app, I again got errors. It was feasible to share a currently released post independently, but the errors are discouraging.

Final Thoughts

Days looks wonderful. It’s a flat, modern UI, and the colors are perfect without obstructing of your very own images. You get to select your favored color for each post, which is great to set the mood for exactly what you completed (or didn’t) in a day. I’ll confess I did not actually have a sense of exactly what I was supposed to do when I first opened the app, and it took me more than a number of mins to figure every little thing out, once I found my feet, Days was a breeze to make use of.

Like any small social network, you’ll need to get used to the silent. If you already have a great deal of friends using Days or are fine with little interaction, you are all set to try out this orderly little app. For the rest of us who do want to discuss that photo of the duck that attacked us walking into our structure, I sure desire the sharing functions worked much better. That’s a genuine dealbreaker for me. Eventually I get my posts shared, however for an otherwise excellent app, I feel like every little thing must just work.