An aviator for United States-based Delta Airlines has mentioned that the business’s staff members ‘combated tough for the iPad’ as the airline sought to save paper and reduce weight in transferring to electronic air travel bags, however the effort was vain as Microsoft yesterday announced that the carrier will be equipping 11,000 pilots with Microsoft Surface area 2 electronic flight bags, reports AppleInsider. The airline was among the early testers of iPads for use as electronic flight bags in 2011.

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‘We combated hard for iPad,’ an aviator working for the airline informed AppleInsider. He described the Delta offer as having to do with money, travel agreements, and Delta’s Information Technology staff historically being ‘in bed’ with Microsoft.

Microsoft stated in its statement that it would conserve the airline $13 million per year in ‘fuel and associated expenses’, with the company’s upcoming Surface area 2 operating on the Windows 8 RT 8.1 platform offering ‘real-time access to necessary devices and the most current flight-related resources including essential charts, reference papers and lists’.

The announcement comes after a number of various other airlines and military departments have actually started checking iPads to replace heavy flight bags, including United, American, the U.S. Air Force and the UNITED STATE Marine Corps.

While airlines have been planning to welcome using mobile gadgets in the cockpit, the industry has been divided over individual electronic devices usage by travelers throughout takeoff and landing. A Federal Aviation Administration advisory committee, nevertheless, recommended the leisure of electronic gadget limitations on industrial plane just last week.