As kept in mind by our sibling site TouchArcade, Apple today revealed that game developers now have the ability to see and modify the top 100 positions in Game Center leaderboard listings for their games, giving them the power to erase fake ratings from the list.

You can now view and handle the leading 100 ratings and usernames for all your Game Center leaderboards. Secure your genuine players by signing in to iTunes Connect to delete artificial ratings or block players that upload artificial ratings. You can also bring back ratings and players within the same period.

A variety of prominent games have actually seen fake Game Center ratings clogging up the really leading of their worldwide leaderboards, and Apple’s brand-new feature must go a long method to aid developers with cleaning up their leaderboards. The attribute will likewise offer legitimate users shooting for the top of the lists more acknowledgment for their efforts, should developers of their games choose to take an active duty in monitoring for artificial scores.

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Apple notes in its developer documentation that developers can view the top 100 scores for numerous leaderboards, erase and recover ratings from the lists, block players from uploading scores to a leaderboard, and bring back obstructed players with their newest ratings prior to being blocked.

One issue with the new function is that scores are maintained for testimonial for only 30 days, implying that scores should’ve been included within that window in order to be available for removal. Also, got rid of scores and obstructed users can just be restored within that same window.

It’s currently unclear if Apple has any plans for or is open to the possibility of offering designers a one-time sweep to help clean out artificial scores that have accumulated considering that the launch of Game Center 3 years ago, however at the minimum designers can clean up any new artificial scores being uploaded to their leaderboards if they continue to be vigilant.