Did Apple take iPhone 6 design cues from the competition?

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One of the challenges phone makers dealt with as smartphones became bigger and larger over the previous a number of years is that larger phones are more difficult to make use of with one hand.

The solution discovered by Samsung and others was to move the power/lock button from the top to the side – and now Apple could utilize the very same solution.

A set of alleged iPhone 6 schematics has actually appeared online, and they show the vital button on Apple’s new flagship in the exact same area as the Samsung Galaxy S5’s and those found on other large Android phones.

If these are real, it would be the most significant design departure yet for Apple’s long-running however seldom-changing iPhone – and an ironic one, considering the lengths Apple has actually gone to to verify Samsung ripped the iPhone off.

iPhone 6 render

If you cannot beat ’em

The iPhone’s design is seen by numerous smartphone users as blessed, but report mongers are anticipating at least one of Apple’s new smartphones to come in at 4.7 inches.

And with such a fantastic increase in display size Apple might finally be forced to alter its seven-year-old design.

These schematic renders stem right in the supply chain at producing facility Foxconn, according to AmongTech. They were first identified on Chinese website Wei Feng.

The renders do appear to more or less match up with the supposed iPhone 6 dummy design that appeared earlier this week, curves and all.

Let us simply hope these don’t end up to have originated from the same area as that rumor about Apple’s biometric EarPods.