Dispatch : Email Actions

June 14, 2013

If you’ve actually been following together with the App Store you’ve most likely seen email apps in the headlines a lot lately. It appears, with the App Store becoming five this year, developers are making strides in the apparently impossible job of assisting alleviate the discomfort of email, and I think we’re on the forefront of new email applications. In more time, I think they’ll become really similar to task or notes applications where the selections appear unlimited. Simply a few days ago at WWDC, Tim Cook stated,

… over 93 % of applications are downloaded at least once a month.

Which ways there are lots of individuals looking for lots of options when it comes to picking applications.

One option for handling email is Dispatch, which integrates with various other iOS apps nicely. Can Dispatch’s functions separate itself enough in a growing market? Keep reading to find out.

Supported Email Clients

The first concern when looking at a new e-mail customer is if it supports your e-mail service provider. Dispatch must work fine with all IMAP e-mail providers, although the developers, Clean Shaven Apps, just declare that it must work great with Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo! and AOL. Their support pages mention that all IMAP email carriers should work, but the formerly listed four providers have actually been checked in depth. Personally, I utilize iCloud, Gmail and Google Apps accounts. I was able to log into every one without a trouble and was working in no time.

It Feels Familiar

Three different views are readily available, which include Inbox, Unread and Starred. There are no folders, tags or any other organizational approaches utilized, however the app still feels familiar. Counting on motions to quickly empty your inbox, Dispatch takes away option by just permitting the user to archive, delete or mark as spam. In this sense, Dispatch doesn’t wish to become your full email customer. It doesn’t prevent folder structures, nor does it embrace it. Dispatch just wants you to quickly clear out your inbox, which is something we all have struggled with soon.

Dispatch includes a well designed instructional walkthrough which shows all of the ways to clear out your inbox.

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Dispatch includes a well designed educational walkthrough which reveals every one of the ways to clean out your inbox.

Swiping left on an e-mail message brings an array of choices into view consisting of:

  • mark as unread/read
  • star
  • archive
  • mark as spam
  • delete

Dispatch likewise has support for long swipes, which is a more effective means to clean out the inbox. The long swipe is an adjustable activity in the settings, and permits the user to either archive, mark as spam or erase with one activity.

Quickly Respond Using Snippets

Clearing out your inbox is only component of the struggle– some messages might actually require responses. Many, if not all, of these messages might even need basic feedbacks in which templates or snippets could be set up. The Dispatch developers wanted the same thing, so they created it. Swiping to the right in the inbox view discloses an account profile with a snippets choice. Dispatch ships with conventional snippets that the individual can personalize.

The sidebar is always a simple swipe away which is where custom snippets can be set up. Also the app features undo support after each action. Go ahead and make a mistake.

The sidebar is always a basic swipe away which is where custom snippets can be established. Also the app attributes reverse support after each action. Go ahead and make a mistake.

When replying to emails, Dispatch will immediately say hey in order to save time.

If you’re currently an individual of TextExpander, you can import your snippets into Dispatch and utilize those. The only downside with is that the app doesn’t support the fill-in, date or time features available in TextExpander. This is a disappointment as I can visualize having snippets established such as:

I’ll have an update in 1 week.
(Where one week is the real date from 1 week of writing the e-mail).

Share Your Email

There are other types of messages where no feedback is needed, but you may have to keep them around for reference. Obviously, sending out these messages to archive is constantly a choice, but it might be more useful to send out the messages to another location such as Evernote or OmniFocus. Both of these apps support emailing info into these services, but in some cases when forwarding messages the format isn’t preserved properly.

Dispatch makes it simple to get content into various other application by offering support for 14 iOS applications. Not all activities are readily available at one time because Dispatch look at exactly what content you’re sending or have actually chosen prior to the action menu is populated.

The first action that serves is to send out the whole material of the email to another app. Pressing the Action button exposes the capability to send out to Due, Reminders, OmniFocus, Evernote and more. The variety of apps that are shown depends on the variety of apps set up from the supported app base and the user-defined preferences in the Settings. For instance, if you understand you’ll never send an e-mail to the Reminders app, the option exists to turn it off in Dispatch so that it’ll not display in your menus.

Based upon if text is selected or not, the action menu varies what apps show up in the sharing menu.

Based upon if text is chosen or not, the action menu differs what apps show up in the sharing menu.

Dispatch really shines for apps that support callback urls such as Evernote. When pressing the action button and sending out a message to Evernote, you’re brought into Evernote to enter any extra details into the note. Once you push close in Evernote, you’re automatically brought back to Dispatch. The workflow is smooth, however regrettably not every one of the supported apps support callback urls. One disappointing noninclusion for me is that I discover myself sending a great deal of emails to OmniFocus. Sadly, OmniFocus doesn’t support callback urls so I’m forced to increase tap and select Dispatch from the multitasking tray to go back to Dispatch.

Dispatch offers a full screen composer which also prevents accidentally sending the email before it's ready. When you're done composing, just pull down on the message to reveal where you can select your addressee.

Dispatch offers a complete display composer which also prevents unintentionally sending the email before it’s ready. When you’re done composing, simply pull down on the message to disclose where you can choose your addressee.

While sending out emails to other apps, Dispatch takes integration further by including sets of actions based upon the chosen product. For instance, dates can easily be contributed to the calendar, addresses can be opened in Maps and contact information can be called or FaceTimed. It makes email more workable and much easier to process.

One of my preferred functions is that links can be sent directly to Instapaper. It’s fantastic for those emails recommending you to have a look at a link.

Inherent Limitations

The greatest complaint with the app is visiting exist isn’t support for push notices. This would require your e-mail to be sent through an external third-party’s server, and it appears the Dispatch crew isn’t thinking about doing that. Absence of push alerts isn’t a deal breaker because I don’t utilize them now, but I understand some middle manager someplace would freak out if they missed out on an e-mail by a second.

Also, I’d a problem with deleted iCloud emails showing back up in my Inbox view. If I dealt with these e-mail on my iPad and erased them, when coming back to Dispatch later these emails were still in my inbox requiring me to process them once again. This didn’t happen each time, but it did take place on more than one occasion. Besides the previously discussed issue I was pleased to see the variation 1.0 launch was primarily bug free!


Dispatch isn’t the go-to for every one of your email requires. It doesn’t support all e-mail accounts such as Exchange or POP mail, however its focus is far more slim. With a narrow focus on processing your inbox while on the go and having the ability to share components of these e-mails with various other apps, Dispatch is a fantastic utility to contend your disposal to rapidly clean out your inbox.