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The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple is most likely the best-connected Apple blog writer in the world at the moment, so when he posts an entry called ‘WWDC Expectations,’ the entire area’s ears liven up. The yearly Apple designer conference is just a couple of weeks away, and there’s been lots of speculation about exactly what we may see. Dalrymple brings us back to earth, describing rather plainly what we’ll or won’t see.

WWDC, otherwise referred to as the Worldwide Developers Conference, is for developers, Dalrymple rightly advises us, and that’s where we will see the bulk of the keynote focused. Those wishing for a brand-new iPhone or iPad will have to wait a while longer, according to his report, but we will not see a total absence of new hardware.

The Loop states to planning to the Mac family as a source of some fresh items at WWDC. That makes good sense, given current reports that MacBook Air stock at retail outlets in particular is dwindling, and given that we haven’t seen an upgrade on that front because June in 2012. Apple likewise introduced the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro at WWDC last June, so that’s another area where we could see an update, though it did just get some mid-cycle alters back in February.

Other sources have actually stated that we’ll see new MacBook Pro and Retina MacBook Pro revitalizes at WWDC, and that Mac note pad refreshes will be the crucial focus in regards to hardware developments at the event.

Dalrymple quickly alters gears to what he believes will be the highlight of the program, which is on the software side. iOS and OS X will definitely be a highlight, he recommends, though he does caution that the modifications on the iOS 7 side, which are reported to be led by Apple design lead Jony Ive and are said to be rather substantial, couldn’t be as severe as they’re being identified by some very early reports.

The report nearby flagging deeper service integration in between iOS and OS X, as linked by reminders like iCloud that tie the 2 platforms together. Apple has certainly been moving in that instructions in current iterations of both its mobile and desktop OS, so that’d not come as a shock.

Apple has already done its finest to manage expectations for this occasion without giving anything away, with CEO Tim Cook setting sights squarely on the fall and 2014 for brand-new product launches throughout a recent teleconference. Short of an official news release detailing its plan, it doesn’t get much better than a post from The Loop in regards to offering us a much more precise picture of what’s on the docket for the WWDC keynote.