Double dates? New iPhones may go on sale Sept. 20 and Sept. 27

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Now that we know for sure when the iPhone 5S and potentially the iPhone 5C will be revealed, attention counts on determining when the next-gen Apple mobiles will really go on sale.

Following the confirmation from Cupertino that it’s next iPhone launch will take place on Sept. 10, a report from the U.K. recommended the devices will arrive at retailers on Sept. 20 and Sept. 27.

Those 2 dates, mentioned in a report from The Telegraph, has been mooted in the past however the paper’s sources in the messenger sector (of all locations) appear to add a bit even more credence.

Today’s report follows up an earlier claim from The Telegraph that shops are being informed to prepare to display 2 different iPhone gadgets that’ll arrive on two different dates.

Roll up, roll up!

If The Telegraph’s stories pertain to fulfillment, the clever cash would be on the new iPhone being first to show up on Friday, Sept. 20.

That’d mean the heavily-tipped, less expensive iPhone 5C would be a much safer wager to go on sale a week later Friday, Sept. 27.

The dual launch dates would likely be fantastic information for Apple, virtually ensuring two big retail weekends with the traditional lines-around-the-block at its official retail stores all over the world.

It’s highly unlikely that the company will confirm the release dates before its keynote event in Cupertino next Tuesday, so we will need to wait and see exactly what Tim Cook and Co. expose.