DxO today announced a new ‘drastically enhanced stand-alone experience’ for its DxO ONE camera, granting individuals the ability to take pictures with the miniaturized tool without should secure it to their smartphone. The DxO ONE’s OLED screen helps its users line up a shot, which they can then record easily thanks to the on-board two-stage shutter button.
The connected application allows for full personalization of the cam’s different settings like aperture, shutter rate, ISO, metering, as well as white balance. When making use of method, the DxO ONE remembers one of the most current setups of the application as well as maintains them aware taken without a smartphone. As the firm clarifies in its news release, ‘For instance, if you favor to catch pictures at f/1.8, the electronic camera will certainly always be prepared at f/1.8 when you pull it out of your pocket.’
In enhancement to the experience, the new DxO upgrade brings a few other features to the electronic camera:

Version 1.3 additionally presents a host of various other features foring example activity blur alert, and a sophisticated brand-new means to call in white balance, metering and also focus modes, which could additionally be deemed overlays in the viewfinder in addition to your apple iphone battery degree. Searching pictures is faster than ever before, with the gallery currently arranged in the very same order as in iOS Photos.
You can be sure your photos were successfully shared thanks to a brand-new aesthetic confirmation message, and you could set a preferred JPEG compression level for photos, as well as bitrate for videos. Of note, a cutting-edge Message Center currently provides a direct link to DxO, with in-app accessibility to existing details designed to aid you obtain one of the most out of your DxO ONE.

The company has also unbundled DxO FilmPack and DxO OpticsPro from the bundle, two pieces of software that provides users a more comprehensive dive into image modifying, and also will certainly market them individually. The extraction of the software has gone down the price of the DxO One by $100, so those interested can buy the electronic camera for $499 from the company’s online store.
The DxO ONE application can be downloaded from the App Shop for free.

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