Last year’s FIFA 13 from EA Sports provided an outstanding simulation of the world’s most popular sport, albeit one that essentially equated the home console versions to a touch display utilizing virtual buttons. Still, thinking about the warm reception and strong sales, you may expect even more of the exact same from this fall’s FIFA 14 on iPhone and iPad. Remarkably, that’s not the case. Sure, FIFA 14 is notably bulked up, offering more organizations, teams, players, and functions than before, however the biggest change originates from its significantly revamped gameplay method.

‘We thought there need to be something more,’ explains Lucian Cotreanti, product advertising manager at developer Electronic Arts Romania, concerning the previous console-like design. ‘We started by stating, ‘How can we redefine exactly what the football experience is on a touch gadget?” Considering the normal language of touch screen games, the response quickly became clear. ‘There should be no more buttons,’ he says the group decided.

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Enter a new approach in which the display is reasonably uncluttered, letting you focus on comfy touch commands to control on the pitch. Player motion is lightly automated, though you can drag from your player’s spot to produce a path forward, almost like in Air travel Control. Tapping an additional player passes the ball to him, and when you approach the goal, you can swipe to conjecture. The controls are comparable in style on protection, with a tap of an opponent triggering your nearby player to engage, and swipes made use of for slide deals with.

While the brand-new controls enhance the game strategy to some level, they feel terrific and really tailored to the mobile touch experience. And surprisingly, they even make it possible for some more advanced strategies. The capability to place your entire team with just a few fast drags permits you to create on-the-fly developments, plus the swipe-to-shoot command includes unexpected depth. ‘The rate and the length of my swipe determines the strength [of the shot],’ notes Cotreanti. You can even curve your shots to add some additional finesse.

It’s fair to expect that entrenched FIFA fans may not like giving up some level of control, even if it unclutters the display to let the glossy game visuals shine through. No worries– EA Sports says that a legacy control scheme will be available with the classic virtual buttons, letting you play FIFA 14 much like in 2012’s entry. However the brand-new controls feel actually stellar in execution up until now, and the fresh method makes sure to make touch football a more welcoming experience for laid-back fans.

In addition to the fresh play style, FIFA 14 is also bigger and sleeker than any previous iOS entry. Extra organizations are included, bringing the total to more than 30, with 600+ teams and more than 16,000 players consisted of. Furthermore, the menus will look closer to the console variations’ front end, and big features like online play and FIFA Ultimate Team will be joined by other new modes, which EA Sports says will be revealed prior to the anticipated fall release. The iOS variation will likewise include full comments tracks in French, Spanish, German, and Italian, in addition to the default English, and those perk languages will be readily available as free in-app downloads to lessen the core app install size.

It’s hard to imagine a losing scenario right here with FIFA 14. The new control approach is clever and available, while the previous control scheme is still baked in as an option, plus the game is bigger and richer than before. Soccer fans that need the latest and biggest mobile repair can expect the iOS game to launch together with the console versions later this year.