I have actually become aware of cigar box guitars, however this is the first time I have actually ever before seen an oil could electric ukulele.

Bohemian Guitars makes a lots of unique steel oil could guitars, basses as well as ukuleles, as well as they’re as fun to play as they are to check out. This electrical uke is easy to play, sounds terrific via an amp, and also is the probably the most distinct uke you ever before did see.

While it will not win any awards for quality specifications (the components are all lower-end from China), this is a great uke for the price, being available in well here various other electrical ukuleles I’ve played. The tuning fixes are solid and secured versus waste getting in and also keeping them from transforming. The pickups and volume/tone knobs are standard however useable, while the consisted of guitar band is great (and also practically worth the price of the entire point).

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The weird thing below is the choice to place steel strings on it. A lot of ukulele players utilize their fingers to pluck and also strum the challenging patterns of uke music, the harshness of a steel string practically weeps out for a choice, which does not rather fit together with the mellower tone or assault of a requirement, nylon-stringed ukulele.

Plugged right into my Fender Super Champ guitar amplifier, this Bohemian electric uke screams. It appears terrific on both the tidy and overdriven networks as well as would certainly make a great enhancement for any type of rock band that desires distinct chordal expression in their music.

The only niggling concern is the result jack – where you connect the guitar cable in to connect to an ampifier. Considering that the body of the uke is made from metal, it’s normally enhanced on the inside with wood. Somehow, Bohemian Guitars missed out on out on reinforcing the cable port, which will most definitely strip out after a little bit of usage and/or abuse. Thankfully, you could take off the back panel of the oil can to get in there and also do the operations yourself, yet it should have been taken care of in the design phase.

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Aside from that little bit of problem, this electric uke is a blast to play and also even cooler when shown, there’s no one you understand that has one of these. Plus, the square end of the electric motor oil can has four rubber feet on it, making it a cinch to set down on a table or rack with no additional stand needed.

For less than $150, you can grab your very own electric motor oil uke from Bohemian Guitars for quite little blemish and have a lot of enjoyable (and gather some interested looks in the process) playing your favored uke tunes through an amp at your next gig.