When it comes to job managers and note-taking apps, iPhone individuals are ruined with options, as there are actually countless concepts out there on the App Shop all crying for our attention and our credit cards. I am a guy of easy tastes, which is why I do not really use my iPhone for note-taking– I’ll probably use something like Drafts to scribble down something quickly when I am on the step however I still depend on my trusty Moleskine for all my proper note taking. Yep, I am old fashioned like that.

But when Elevatr was launched back in May, my eye turned for two reasons. First, this appeared like a good, easy method to write down my thoughts and concepts without having to lose an hour getting familiarized with the app. And secondly, the interface is so very little and flat it’s favorably contagious (and I am a big fan of flat user interfaces, which is why I am expecting iOS 7 so much!). Read on after the break for my full ideas about Elevatr and whether it’s the de facto app for managing your concepts on the iPhone.

First Thoughts

One of the first things I experienced about Elevatr was the reality it was complimentary in the real sense of the word. There’s no in-app purchases to open additional attributes and no obtrusive advertising to speak of– just an easy yet beautiful splash screen prompting you to develop a new idea. Understand now that Elevatr is nothing elegant and does not come with a prolonged App Store description or limitless lists of attributes, it lets you write your company ideas and that’s about it, actually.

The splash screen of Elevatr.

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The splash screen of Elevatr.

The main bulk of your concept is restricted to 140 characters, similar to a tweet on Twitter, which I in fact do not mind at all. For me, an idea needs to just be a fast mental note of something that I want to work on later, not a prolonged description which takes me 10 mins to type out, and I feel that this 140-character limitation allows me to be extremely selective with my ideas. I said that very little was rife in Elevatr, and it’s definitely being mirrored below.

Entering a description for your idea. Keep it short, now.

Entering a description for your idea. Keep it short, now.

Next, you need to offer your idea a name. Just like the major body, this is restricted too– it’s only 20 characters. Elevatr wants you to keep things short and snappy and it’s definitely working for me. The whole app is enshrined in that remarkable Avenir typeface, which initially made a look on iOS with Apple Maps and I actually prefer it to Helvetica. It offers a revitalizing modification to the norm.

Once you have created your concept, it will appear in a list showing you the title and the time because you last modified it. Anything you do in Elevatr is instantly conserved to your iPhone’s memory, though there’s a cloud sync function developed into the app too.

Working With Ideas

Elevatr is focused even more to business users and the default categories present when you tap on an idea certainly reflect this. Ideas are split down into five different sections: The Concept, The marketplace, The Product, Business Model and Execution. The description of the idea that we entered above when we produced our concept appears in the Pitch area of the The Concept area, but naturally we can include various notes to each individual area.

The main screen for your idea, showing all of the different sections.

The major screen for your concept, revealing all of the various areas.

Sections are shown in beautiful colored bars and all you should do is tap on every one to bring up even more options. In the The Idea area, for example, this is divided down into the problem and the option, each of which I can add notes to. Unlike the concept title, as we saw above, you are not limited right here and you can type away to your heart’s material. Elevatr will likewise allow you to affix photos to each specific section from your iPhone, making things easier to remember.

Entering some text for the Problem section. I think it's relevant here.

Entering some text for the Problem section. I think it matters here.

The whole app is very well thought-out from a business perspective and it’s clear that the developers have put some genuine effort into making Elevatr as beneficial as possible for commercial concepts. In The Item area, for instance, this is split down into Use Cases, Item Qualities and Brand name Identity, making it actually easy to determine your ideas exactly. One thing I did notice, however, was that you can’t alter the area headers– something which I’d suched as to have actually seen and I hope that this function is rectified in a future upgrade.

Sharing Your Ideas

As I pointed out previously, Elevatr includes an inbuilt cloud service which enables you to share your ideas with other individuals and you’ll have to create an account initially (don’t fret, this is totally complimentary– there’s no in-app acquisition to allow sharing). When created, you can choose to share either the whole idea (with all the various areas) or you can select individual areas to share.

Sharing your ideas via the built-in cloud service.

Sharing your concepts by means of the built-in cloud service.

Ideas can either be shared publicly (with a built-in link which can be seen on any platform, not simply on the Elevatr app) or independently, for which you can develop a password.

Final Thoughts

Elevatr is one of those rarities in the App Store– it’s something that manages to be every little thing at one time. It’s beautifully created, incredibly simple to use and handles to be fun too. I was extremely excited by the flat design and the simpleness of the whole app, although Elevatr is company orientated, this does not indicate the developers need to bloat it up with a lots of functions that nobody desires. It’s easy and it works damn well.

I’d have liked to been able to modify the individual section headers (often they do not simply suffice for me) but I can see this issue being resolved in a future app. For such a young app, the outcomes are incredibly outstanding, and for a free one even more so. I can see Elevatr discovering a warm and tight home on the iPhones of nearly any company individual, and I do hope that this excellent little app sticks around for a while since the outcomes do make an impression on.