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Have you ever had the opportunity to play with a remote-controlled helicopter? If you have not … you’ve actually been losing out.

The Robocopter GST Scandal sheet with Hyperbrain Controller (aka– the iHelicopter) is the go-to push-button control toy for the 21st century. From Extreme Fliers– the leading brand of remote-controlled toys– comes a remote-controlled Helicopter. But this toy’s remote is your iPhone!

The fun begins right here at Cult of Mac Deals, because we have got the iHelicopter for simply $49.99.

Please note: All sales are last and this promo is only offered to consumers in the UNITED STATE, Canada, Germany, Uk, Italy, Netherlands, France, Spain and Australia.

The iHelicopter is a light-weight yet powerful chopper. Its dual rotors enable 3-directional tilt, however it’s little enough to fly around indoors! To pilot with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, just download the free Extreme Fliers App from the App Establishment. As soon as you have mastered the controls you’ll have limitless hours maneuvering your chopper around any indoor area like a champ.

Here are the specs of the iHelicopter:

  • Three channel infared controller
  • Gyroscope self-stabilizer
  • Works with iPhone, iPod, or iPad
  • Flight duration: as much as 10 minutes
  • Size: 23.5 X 10 X 4 cm
  • Rotor diameter: 17 cm
  • Battery: Rechargeable 3.7 V Li-Poly Battery
  • Charger: USB Cable television Charger and Transmitter Charger

In case you do not have an Apple item that works as a remote, no problem. A regular handset controller is included too, so any pilot can travel the skies. If you are not a fan of silver, the iHelicopter is likewise readily available in red. Visit this site to get the red variation.

The iHelicopter’s controls are easy and simple, allowing for smooth, agile flying. If you love gizmos, or just wish to fly, the iHelicopter is for you. So visit the Cult of Mac Deals page and select it up for just $49.99– and start flying high with the iHelicopter today!

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