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The popular Macintosh Picasso logo design was established for the intro of the initial 128k Mac back in 1984. A minimalist line attracting the style of Pablo Picasso, this whimsical graphic indicated the entire of a computer in a few normal strokes. It was an icon of what was inside the box, and became as well-known as the computer system it stood for.

The logo design was created by Tom Hughes and John Casado, art directors on the Mac development team. Originally the logo design was to be a different idea called The Macintosh Spirit by artist Jean-Michel Folon, but before the release Steve Jobs changed his mind and had it changed by the normal and colorful illustration by Hughes and Casado. It’s been cherished ever since, and the graphic style has sustained throughout years.

Original Macintosh Packaging

Apple made use of the Picasso art work thoroughly, as a complete piece and as component elements. For the 128k and 512k Macs, the outer box consisted of the full graphic. Individual aspects are repeated on packing boxes for inner elements: the keyboard, computer mouse, and power cord (which isn’t shown on the external box).


In addition to handbooks and brochures, a bundled plastic box with a styled Apple on the cover contained the power cord, an Intro to Macintosh cassette, and bootable MacWrite, MacPaint and software trip diskettes (image courtesy DigiBarn Computer system Gallery).

The artwork on the floppy disks also used the minimalist Picasso style.


Apple made use of more Picasso style art work for optional accessory boxes, a few of which are quite uncommon these days: the numeric keypad for 128k/512k Macs, the Macintosh Security cable kit, and the external 400k floppy disk drive (which was really a necessity in those very early days).


As with numerous collectibles, original packaging can enhance the value of vintage Macs and parts quite substantially. On eBay working 128k Macs with the original box and accessory kit quickly cost two times the quantities of their unpackaged brethren.

Back in the day many 3rd celebration items also took part the enjoyable. Right here is the popular Copy II Mac disk utility, together with disks and manuals for a Daisy Wheel Printer Kit, utilizing the exact same minimalist style:


  • Joe Cassara