Evernote and Adonit today revealed a collaboration that’ll see the latter producing the new Jot Script Evernote Version Stylus, which has an idea that measures just 1.9 mm. The huge, incorrect idea of existing capacitive styluses is an usual grievance that the Jot Script intends to conquer.

The stylus makes use of Adonit’s newly established Pixelpoint innovation, which utilizes the accelerometer, Bluetooth, and Adonit’s SDK to interact the area of the stylus pointer to suitable apps like Evernote’s Penultimate.

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In a first for any energetic stylus, Penultimate’s digital inking functions pair with Adonit’s Bluetooth-enabled Pixelpoint technology for precision previously unattainable on any touch display. With Penultimate’s new Zoom feature, the communication in between app and stylus becomes dynamic. As the Jot Script’s fine suggestion approaches the screen, Penultimate reacts by enlarging the composing space for much better visual feedback. And as the individual writes, the digital paper drifts in addition to them resembling the natural sensation of handwriting.

In addition to a great point, the Jot Script features a metal finish, ribbed grip, and a weighted hand balance created for bearing in mind. It’s powered by a standard AAA battery and utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 to link to iPads and iPhones. It’s compatible with the third-generation iPad and later on, the iPad mini, and the iPhone 5 and later.

The Jot Script can be pre-ordered from either Evernote or Adonit for $74.95 and has an approximated ship time of three to four weeks.

Evernote has actually likewise presented a number of various other products in its Evernote Market, including backpacks, scanners, t-shirts, and other accessories.