Sonny Dickson has actually published a brand-new gallery of nearly 70 photos showing parts allegedly from Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. While many of the parts as well as a few of the individual images have been seen formerly, the gallery provides an excellent look at the numerous parts evidently making their way out of Apple’s supply chain.

The images consist of rear shells of both new iPhone models at numerous angles, along with parts such as displays, flex cable televisions and connectors, and SIM trays. The shots of both phones seem constant with different leaks and reports throughout the past few months, and are claimed to be “direct from sources within Apple’s supply chain”.

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You are reviewing our most comprehensive iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C part leak yet, with a variety of bow cables and components, consisting of the entire undamaged coverings, vibration motor, audio jack, SIM trays, the front and rear cameras, the mounts to affix all the components to the casing, and more. Almost everything other than the logic board– even the screens!

The shots especially reveal the back housing of the affirmed “gold” iPhone 5S, which appears to be like parts that surfaced yesterday showing a “champagne” color for the back plate together with a white top and bottom. The iPhone 5S envisioned appears to have a dual LED flash, something that’s been rumored and seen in a leaked prototype. The shots also reveal the rear shell of a blue iPhone 5C total with separated parts, all of which is constant with prior reports and leaks about the phone.

Apple will supposedly reveal the next-generation iPhone on September 10, and will likely unveil not just the iPhone 5S however also the lower-cost plastic iPhone 5C. Both gadgets are also reported to launch in the first wave of markets on September 20.