I haven’t been on Twitter as long as some individuals. In reality, I joined Twitter just when Apple integrated it into iOS 5. A little hesitantly (and with even more than a tip of trepidation), I signed up. Since then, Twitter has actually been an on-again/off-again relationship. When it excels, it’s wonderful, and when it’s bad, Twitter gets disregarded. However I do truly like Twitter and I enjoy the apps that come along with it.

I’ve actually been trying to find the very best method to review my old tweets and discussions with friends and associates for a while now. Maybe I ‘d discover a joke I made that I thought was funny (or not comical at all, on the other hand). Possibly I can discover that quick discussion about iTunes I’d with Rian Johnson, the writer/director of Looper. Mostly, I desired an excellent method to be classic. I attempted a few various apps, but finally found what I wanted in Tweet Library.

What Makes Tweet Collection Special

Tweet Collection is a well-designed curation device for Twitter that feels simple to utilize despite some of its innovative functions. That’s the finest compliment I can offer it off the bat: This thing is filled to the truckload with archive and curation functions, but it’s all presented within an easy-to-navigate user interface. That’s uncommon for too many apps nowadays.

It's not beautiful, but it's highly functional.

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It’s not gorgeous, but it’s extremely functional.

Let us beginning with the apparent function: Tweet Collection permits you to see an archive of all of your tweets. The app will download 3,200 of your tweets when it first launches, however for a few of us that likely won’t be enough (specifically if you are a die-hard Twitter individual). In the likely case that it is not enough, you can ask for an archive of your tweets from Twitter and save them into an unique Dropbox folder produced by the app. Importing your archive is the most unpleasant part of using the app, however it’s worth it.

Importing your archive shops it locally on your iOS device. It does not take up a lots of area (after all, these are basically immortalized text files), so you do not have to worry about losing space on your gadget. And because it’s kept in your area, every little thing ends up being quickly searchable. I entered a buddy’s user name and every little thing I have ever stated with him appeared immediately till I discovered the matching tweet I desired.

It took me less than half a second to find these tweets.

It took me less than half a 2nd to discover these tweets.

Maybe you are simply feeling nostalgic, though. You can go to everything you have ever stated on Twitter simply by exploring the Calendar view. I was able to find my first tweet practically quickly (it’s nothing glorious, by the method), thanks to the reality that every little thing is saved in your area. You are browsing your device’s hard disk and not Twitter’s servers, so it’s insanely quick.

Some people won’t find this functionality at all beneficial. However it’s a far cry better than exactly what Facebook has actually done with Timeline, and it’s a lot easier to navigate. Journalists will discover it helpful to be able to reference old tweets, but others might simply like looking through things from interest.

Collection of Tweets

There are a a great deal of additional functions past archive and search. The greatest feature, in my viewpoint, is the capacity to develop collections and share them on either Storify or Tweetlibrary.com. Developing a collection is easy. I created one in the menu and afterwards looked for what I wanted to trial run this with (some tweets about Google Hangouts). After that, I simply copied each tweet I liked to the collection.

Starting a new collection is as easy as tapping the button.

Starting a brand-new collection is as easy as tapping the button.

From there, releasing the collection is as easy as tapping the Share button and picking Storify, Publish, E-mail or Export. This app is created to make tweets as easy to share as possible. I’ve an old roommate who’s Twitter, but is not on it. I can develop a collection of some tweets I understand he ‘d find funny and email them to him, easily. It’s an actually good touch that makes tweeting feel like it’s even more of a function.

My first collection, done in seconds.

My first collection, done in seconds.

There are some various other fancy attributes too, however the big standout is Filters. The 2 Filters that the app ships with are for photos and check-ins, but you can include your very own filters without an issue. I included one with my own name in it as an inquiry, which rejuvenates all my points out. If I am ever popular enough that individuals mention me by name out of spite rather of mentioning my @ username, I’ll have the ability to discover it and retweet them without a problem. (I am a bit vindictive.)

Other Standard Twitter Features

Theoretically speaking, you can use Tweet Collection as your regular Twitter client also. It supports several accounts, picture uploads and all of the archival attributes of the app itself. If you want to keep your Timeline in sync, Tweet Marker (another among Riverfold Software application’s outstanding products) is supported also.

All the standby features, like Favourites and (of course) Mentions, are easy to access.

All the standby features, like Favourites and (of course) Mentions, are simple to access.

On both the iPad and the iPhone, I think the user experience is exceptional. Tweet Library is not really as aesthetically influenced as Tweetbot (my Twitter app of selection) or Twitterrific (also outstanding), but it’s many of the exact same functions and it’s extremely speedy. Even if it doesn’t become your primary Twitter experience, I extremely recommend Tweet Library as a go with to your Twitter operations.

Should You Really Buy This?

The response to that concern is definitely, if you’ve a use for it. It’s $7.99, which is more expensive than it used to be thanks to Twitter’s API restrictions, but it’s worth every penny of that and afterwards some. Consider Tweet Library as the fastest method to make certain that your tweets are no longer fleeting moments, however permanent. They become something much more valuable that means.

Beyond that, exactly what you are actually spending for is the support of Riverfold Software application’s exceptional main developer, Manton Reece. He’s among the hardest-working developers out there. He’s regularly on top of consumer support and constantly dealing with insects in his software application and establishing new attributes. Your $7.99 guarantees his continued support of great apps like Tweet Library, which comes extremely recommended.