As Apple remains to bring its Developer Center back online after a week-long failure, the business is sending out e-mails to designers noting a potential delay for app reviews. ReadWrite has actually uploaded among the letters being received by designers:

‘We’re currently reviewing an app that you sent for inclusion on the App Store, and want to let you know that the review process will need added time. We apologize for the hold-up and will provide you with an update on the condition of your app as quickly as possible.’

Such letters aren’t unusual, naturally, but provided the quantity of time that the Developer Center was offline, it makes good sense that Apple would’ve a stockpile of reviews to resolve. While app updates were offered, brand-new apps were unable to be sent to Apple throughout the interruption.

According to one developer, he received the email after waiting six days for a testimonial and after waiting an additional five days, his app has yet to be authorized. It’s unidentified, nevertheless, whether there’s a secondary problem with his app, as various other designers have had apps authorized at a more quick rate.

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Apple’s Developer Facility initially went offline on Thursday, July 18, and several days later on, Apple announced that the interruption was the outcome of a protection breach. While a safety researcher suggested that he could be the reason behind the failure, it stays unclear exactly what triggered the prolonged downtime.

Late last week, Apple detailed a plan for bringing the site back online, and began recovering systems on Friday. While the majority of Designer Center functions are now working, the Member Center, Forums, Videos, and Technical Support remain offline.
Update: According to the online forums, lots of designers are presently seeing no hold-ups at all with the app review process, especially for app updates.