Popular WiFi-connected SD card maker Eyefi just recently released a new item, the Eyefi Mobi Pro. For those not familiar with Eyefi, the business makes WiFi-connected SD cards to offer people a method to rapidly move pictures from their cameras to their Macs, iPhones, as well as iPads, even when a WiFi network is unavailable.

The firm’s most recent card, the Eyefi Mobi Pro provides 32GB of storage space, support for RAW documents transfers, and a wireless transfer attribute that allows individuals selectively choose which photos to submit. When utilized on a home WiFi network, the Mobi Pro allows users move graphics at broadband, yet when away from home, it produces its very own WiFi hotspot, so it’s always possible to obtain images from the SD card to an iPad, iPhone, or Mac.
MacRumors went hands-on with the brand-new Eyefi Mobi Pro SD card to take a look at every one of the new features and also to identify whether it deserves the $99 price tag.

What’s in the Box

The Eyefi box contains one 32GB Lesson 10 SDHC WiFi card, a USB card adapter that’s used to configure the Mobi card, and also an activation card that lets the Mobi Pro pair with desktop as well as iOS applications. The card likewise allows individuals to sign up for a cost-free year of access to Eyefi’s cloud service, which permits endless photo uploads as well as storage.
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The Eyefi box directs users straight to a configuration web site, makings finding the configuration actions very easy. The internet site has instructions for setting the Mobi Pro up to link to a mobile gadget or a computer.

Connecting the Mobi Pro to a mobile gadget initially needs a download of the coming with Eyefi application. On iOS, the application is called Eyefi Mobi as well as is available absolutely free in the App Establishment. When set up, the app requests an activation code, which is included in the box, as well as it will ask you to install a provisioning profile to allow the iPhone to recognize the Mobi Pro card.
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From there, you have to put the SD card in the camera, snap a few photos, and also leave the video camera on while you visit the Setups app on your apple iphone. Browse to WiFi and choose the Mobi Pro card network. You’ll should go into the activation code as a password, however the app does not define that, which makes setup a bit harder compared to it has to be.
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Connecting the Mobi Pro card to a Mac is a comparable procedure, as well as entails downloading and install the Eyefi Mobi Desktop app then following many of the same activation actions. On the Mac, you do not obtain a complete application– merely a small app available from the menu bar. Plugging the Eyefi card right into a Mac with the consisted of USB adapter will bring up some sophisticated configuration settings, allowing you include a residence network to make submitting photos at house easier.
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Both the iOS as well as Mac apps will urge you to link the Mobi Pro card to an Eyefi Cloud account. You get a cost-free year of Eyefi Cloud solution with the investment of a Mobi Pro card, and also it’s $49.99 annually later on. It’s not a bad bargain since you acquire limitless storage space as well as it supports both RAW and JPEG files.

Eyefi Cloud is not called for to make use of the Mobi Pro card, however it’s beneficial since it synchronizes pictures throughout all tools and makes them available through the Eyefi Cloud website.

Setting up the Mobi Pro isn’t precisely hard, but it’s not entirely straightforward. Paperwork is not as clear as it can be, and there were some peculiarities we discovered perplexing. For instance, attaching to the Mobi Pro’s WiFi required a password that ended up being the activation code, yet that details wasn’t specified anywhere. As one more instance, when we downloaded the Mac application from the Eyefi website, it downloaded an older version of the software program that did not automobile update.

How it Works

Once set up, the Mobi Pro card is simple to make use of. When away from home, the card will certainly create its own WiFi network, so photos (or video clips) could be submitted to an apple iphone, iPad, or Mac even when WiFi is not readily available. Hooking up to the card’s WiFi is done through the Mac’s WiFi bar or the apple iphone’s settings food selection, similar to any type of other WiFi network. When linked, all images you’ve taken will certainly be transferred to the gadget you’re connected to (one connection is sustained at a time).

If you’re away from WiFi and publish your images to your iPhone utilizing a direct link, you could go on to post those pictures to the Eyefi Cloud over cellular if your data prepare permits for it, making them available anywhere right away.

In the advanced setups menu, obtainable by plugging the Mobi Pro into a computer, you could likewise establish it up to function with a home WiFi network by including your network’s name as well as password. With your house WiFi network contributed to the card, it will use your home WiFi to instantly submit pictures to the Eyefi Mac app without the demand to connect your Mac directly to the card.
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Once you obtain home from a photo capturing session, merely open up the Mac app and turn your video camera on to get every one of the photos that you fired from the Mobi Pro to the Mac. If you have actually additionally signed right into Eyefi Cloud, images will certainly submit to the cloud, which also makes them obtainable through the iPhone app. If you’re contending house, images will move to the computer system instantly for simple modifying as long as the Mac app is open.

So generally, you’ve obtained several ways to obtain your photos to every device quickly depending on how you want to utilize the Mobi Pro card. If you do a direct connection to the apple iphone application as well as make it possible for cloud syncing over cellular, pictures will be moved to the apple iphone, submitted to the Eyefi Cloud as well as easily accessible on a Mac using an internet browser. If you wait till you acquire home, you could transfer the photos to your Mac, where they’ll also be posted to Eyefi Cloud as well as available on the iPhone.

Whenever you’re uploading images from your cam to an iOS device or Mac, the SD card slot on the cam has to be turned on. On many video cameras, power is readied to shut down after around 30 secs to preserve electric battery, so this will have to be extended in the camera settings food selection to ensure the card remains on. Leaving the electronic camera on transfer photos could drain the battery faster.

This isn’t really much of an issue with JPEGs considering that the data dimension is relatively tiny and also it takes just secs to transfer them, yet it can be a problem when uploading bigger RAW documents since those take a bit much longer. It’s smart to maintain an additional electric battery accessible if you’re preparing to use the Mobi Pro to post a a lot of files when far from home.


Speed wise, the Mobi Pro is a lesson 10 SDHC card, so it assists read speeds of 13MB/s and create accelerate to 23/MB/s. That suggests it can tape-record full 1080p video clip or consecutive high-quality still images. When shooting RAW, we had no concerns taking a number of burst pictures, and there were no concerns tape-recording 1080p video.

Physically, the card resembles a basic SD card, and it ought to be noted that it is a lot more resilient than previous-generation Eyefi cards that leaned to breakage. As with a lot of SD cards, there’s a physical write protect activate the side.
Eyefi’s Mobi Pro card sustains several image and also video clip layouts, including RAW. RAW data will be published to the Mac automatically, however when you try to move RAW documents to the iPhone app, they’ll be converted into JPEGs. The full RAW files will certainly then have to be moved to the Mac later, however they could also be published to the cloud via the iPhone if you’re authorized right into the Eyefi Cloud service.

One of the brand-new functions unique to the Mobi Pro is selective transfer, which allows you pick the pictures that you would like to sync to your devices. With previous Eyefi cards, uploading photos was an all or nothing deal, but that’s not the situation with the brand-new card. To utilize careful transfer, you need to enable it utilizing your Mac then pick photos to maintain making use of the ‘protect’ function in your video camera’s setups. You should individually flag each photo with the protect choice, which isn’t really the most sophisticated solution, however it’s wonderful to have the alternative if you just wish to sync a handful of photos.

The Mobi Pro, like every one of the Eyefi SD cards, is appropriate with a broad array of electronic cameras. Firms like Olympus, Nikon, as well as Canon also have Eyefi assistance built-in to their cameras. You can inspect whether your electronic camera works making use of Eyefi’s site.

Eyefi Apps

The Eyefi Mac app is essentially merely used to promote photo transfers as well as to readjust the Mobi Pro’s settings, however the Eyefi Mobi iOS app has a few more attributes. Unlike the Mac app, it will display every one of the pictures that you’ve posted from your Mobi Pro card, and if you’re authorized right into the Eyefi Cloud, it’ll show all of your cloud pictures too.

There are some basic editing tools for cropping and straightening pictures built in, plus it arranges all of your photos into albums by day. It likewise assists tags, consists of EXIF information, and lets you remove info. Setups within the app offer you the option to send images you have actually uploaded to the video camera roll, as well as there’s also an establishing to import photos you’ve taken on your apple iphone, offering you a way to acquire each one of your pictures, handled video camera or iOS device, right into the Eyefi Cloud if you’re utilizing that.
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Customer Service

During our testing of the Mobi Pro, we encountered a major pest that triggered the card to be nearly pointless and not able to hook up to a house WiFi network. It wasn’t being recognized by the Mac app since as it turns out, our card was never activated effectively. This was a mistake that showed up during the activation process, and it ended up being an error the Eyefi group claimed it had not seen before.

We had a conversation with an Eyefi item manager that, with the assistance of designers, chatted us through reviving the Mobi Pro card then pressed a repair so it would not happen once again to other users. As we had a testimonial unit, we obviously obtained straight to the top of the customer support ladder, however we were excited with the business’s assistance database and also its desire to spend several hours on a Friday evening dealing with an obscure bug.

Who’s it For?

The Eyefi Mobi Pro is a card that’s ideal for DSLR customers that desire a means to instantly transfer RAW and JPEG files to their computer systems or mobile devices. Typically, a 32GB course 10 SD card can be bought for under $20, so at $99 for the Eyefi Mobi Pro, you’re paying quite a costs for convenience.

Is that money worth it? It depends upon your workflow. If you want a method to rapidly obtain pictures from your camera to your apple iphone, the Mobi Pro is a good option. If you need a means to get pictures to your Mac or iOS device even when you do not have Net, the Mobi Pro does that. If you do not really want to problem with eliminating the SD card from your cam and plugging it into your Mac after a lengthy day of capturing, the Mobi Pro will publish them automatically, and for some, the time conserved will certainly make the Mobi Pro worth the money.

For computers that don’t have SD card slots, like Apple’s upcoming MacBook, the Mobi Pro will certainly be specifically valuable, specifically throughout the early months when no SD card adapters exist.

Many DSLRs as well as mirrorless cameras these days possess integrated WiFi. If you already have a WiFi-enabled camera, the Mobi Pro might go down feeling, yet several WiFi cameras are rather more minimal. With Olympus’ line of mirrorless electronic cameras, you could upload to iOS through an app, yet there are no options for automatically syncing all images to the desktop.

If you’re going to acquire a Mobi Pro SD card, maintain in thoughts that it functions best with the Eyefi Cloud solution. With Eyefi Cloud, all of your images are readily available on all your tools nearly immediately for fast sharing and editing, and also that’s a perk that can not be ignored. You acquire a complimentary year with acquisition, but you’re probably going to wish to keep using it after saving a year’s well worth of photos, so consider the $49.99/year charge.

  • Uploads images automatically at home
  • Uploads pictures using direct attach when no WiFi is available
  • Convenient
  • Supports RAW and JPEG files
  • Eyefi Cloud makes photos offered everywhere


  • Setup is a bit confusing
  • Expensive
  • Some battery drain
  • Selective transfer is time consuming

How to Buy

Eyefi’s new Mobi Pro 32GB WiFi SD card could be bought from the Eyefi website for $99.99. That rate includes a complimentary year of the company’s Eyefi Cloud solution, with unrestricted syncing as well as storage.