Facebook is upping its game with video clip. Quickly, Facebook will certainly have the ability to instantly recognize friends in videos as well as identify them. A lot better yet, it’ll save this information so when you want to discover that minute once again, you might locate the video by searching for your good friend’s name then jump straight to when they show up in frame.

According to TechCrunch, the social network announced at the F8 programmer seminar today that its been working with this smart video technology, plus much more. In enhancement to wise, automatic tagging (which has actually currently been a pictures showcase for fairly some time), down the line video clips could be able to recognize also fixed objects in videos. The team is currently working on the capability to automatically caption video clips too making use of that exact same technology.

The automated tagging dramatically helps if you have actually ever remembered a fleeting moment with a friend however couldn’t figure out which video clip that took area in when. And also with the fixed object recognition, having the ability to look for video clips by their actual material should not be also much off.

Facebook hasn’t always been so kind to video clips. If you’re on the social media network, you’ll observe that of your past video uploads are in fact hidden on your profile in a cd under Photos. Just recently, Facebook started revealing more love, first with the addition of live video clip programs to compete with Periscope. And now, videos will at the very least obtain easier to find too.