The FBI’s war Apple has been called its most significant PR disaster in record, yet were its efforts to hack the San Bernardino apple iphone worth it? In the FBI’s very own words, it’s still prematurely to tell.

According to a senior FBI official, the organization will not reveal just what – if anything – it’s learned until it’s finished analyzing all the data on the handset.

“We’re currently doing an analysis of that information, as we would in any sort of other kind of criminal terrorism investigation,”said James Baker, the FBI’s general counsel, on Tuesday. “That suggests we would follow sensible leads.” As an outcome, he states it’s ‘merely prematurely’ to understand whether the apple iphone at the heart of the San Bernardino examination is visiting be useful.

If the iPhone belonging to San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook doesn’t consist of any evidence, it will not come as a total surprise. While the standoff in between Apple and also the FBI was still raving, San Bernardino police main Jarrod Burguan – who became part of the investigation last December – stated that, ‘I assume that there is a reasonably great chance that there is nothing of any sort of value on the phone.’

The spouse of a San Bernardino survivor — whose partner almost lost her life throughout the assault – additionally voiced his questions that there is useful details on the seized handset, stating that his partner, ‘likewise had an apple iphone released by the County [which] she did not use it for any type of individual interaction.’

Of training course, despite which side of this concern you come down on, the bigger factor is not regarding whether there occurs to be evidence on the iPhone – but exactly what it states regarding the government’s right to accessibility this data.

If anything will certainly be the heritage of this story (which, for the record, is definitely not over), it is that it marked one more inflection point at which previously unknown topics like mobile phone security and backdoors became public conversation fodder.

As the FBI’s James Baker stated the other day:’ [This situation] raises an entire array of concerns in regards to exactly how we’re going to handle it moving forward. Usually we do not have such in-depth real-time public discussions of specific security tools … There’s a substantial amount of novelty to us.’

Hopefully it won’t stay a novelty after this.