First! Samsung on the defensive over gold phone rat race with Apple

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Welcome to an additional game of Apple vs Samsung, where 2 of the richest tech companies in the world – and their fans – battle meaningless, minor battles and everyone loses.

This time Samsung finds itself on the defensive as Apple fans accused it of copying the gold iPhone 5S with its gold Galaxy S4.

Samsung disclosed the gold Galaxy S4 to the world last week, however the phone was actually announced in the Middle East in late August and launched in the area before the iPhone 5S was even unveiled – and there lies just part of Samsung’s argument.

In truth, on Sept. 28 the official Samsung blog site Samsung Tomorrow published a non-comprehensive chronicle of its history with gold phones, the first of which actually dates back to 2004.

All that shines is at least colored gold

The Samsung Mobile Arabia Twitter manage appeared off last week about the gold Galaxy S4, pointing out that it went on sale in the UAE 2 days prior to the iPhone 5S was unveiled.

And according to the company’s post, Samsung’s first gold phones were the Anycall SCH-E470, SPH-E3200 and SPH-E3250 from 2004.

Since then it launched gold-colored phones (some even with genuine gold) in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2013, including the Samsung Galaxy Golden flip phone this year. Not all were widely readily available (or available at all), however they existed however.

And the gold Galaxy S4 was launched in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar in September.

There’s no sign that this fight will reach a court, because luckily even Apple and Samsung cannot trademark a color (yet).

Normally, that’d not stop fans from battling the companies’ minor battles for them in message boards and comments – but perhaps we can put this one to bed, people?