Fitbit today has introduced its newest wearable task tracking device, the Fitbit Force, reports AllThingsD. The Bluetooth 4.0 wristband consists of all the features of the popular Fitbit Flex activity wristband that was launched in Might of in 2012, and includes brand-new functions such as a built-in altimeter that measures exercise data such as stairs climbed up, a bigger OLED display, watch capacities, and an ‘Active Minutes’ feature that tracks the differing levels of workout routine.

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A powerful Force for daily fitness, this streamlined wristband is with you all the time. Stay inspired to keep moving with real-time stats precisely your wrist. Track actions taken, distance traveled, calories burned, stairs climbed and active minutes throughout the day. At night, track your rest and wake up quietly with a vibrating alarm.

The device will gain additional attributes specific to iPhone users running iOS 7, consisting of the capacity to receive call alerts on the wristband. Reports AllThingsD:

Soon after launch, Fitbit’ll launch a software application update that’ll enable iPhone individuals running iOS 7 to receive alerts about incoming calls (name and phone number) on the Force’s screen. The wristband can also vibrate to notify you to a call.

Including this feature is type of an experiment for Fitbit to evaluate people’s interest in getting these kinds of notifies on a fitness-tracking gadget. Based on the response, the company will then decide whether adding various other notifications for things like new text and email makes good sense.

The launch of the Fitbit Force comes as Nike is anticipated to launch a follow-up to its Fuelband task tracker, along with speculation that Apple will release an iWatch wearable device in the reasonably near future, a gadget which may likewise consist of physical fitness monitoring attributes.

The Fitbit Force wristband can be ordered from the Fitbit web shop for $129.95, with shipments beginning in 3-4 weeks.