Apple introduced its first stylus called Apple Pencil on September 9th at the at the Expense Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, CA. Phil Schiller, senior vice head of state of around the world advertising at Apple, revealed a video clip highlighting the new stylus pen, however the Jonathan Ive voiced demo manages to leave Apple followers with a couple of unanswered inquiries.

Does the Apple Pencil have Hand Rejection?

Apple specifies a few short functions of its stylus on its main Pencil website, but it never states hand rejection. As I said in our Frequently Asked Question, it is unsubstantiated Apple would certainly launch a $100 stylus without this function. A lot of luxury third-party stylus on the marketplace list hand rejection as a significant function of their tool due to the fact that it is quite vital. According to Ars Technica, the Apple Pencil does consist of hand rejection, based upon a trial they saw, and a number of online forum articles suggest that it is built right into iOS 9.

Does the Apple Pencil pointer wear away?

In the very same Ars Technica blog post Andrew Cunningham noted that ‘Apple includes a concealed number of substitute suggestions for the pencil, because they’ll fag out in time.’ Cunningham included that an Apple rep contrasted the tip to a ‘ballpoint pen refill,’ as well as said Apple will certainly also offer substitute tips individually. It is unknown exactly how much the substitute tips will cost and just how simple they are to replace.

How long does it take the Apple Pencil to charge?

The Apple Pencil could be asked for from the Lighting port of the iPad Pro, which is a great function, however as some Apple fans explained, it is a crash waiting to occur. Thankfully the Pencil includes some extremely quick charging. According to 15 seconds of demanding creates HALF AN HOUR of usage, and a full fee equals 12 hrs of illustration. You won’t require to have your Pencil extending out of your iPad Pro for long.

Does Apple Pencil deal with the iPad Air 2 or other Apple devices?

Apple basically explains this in their launch video as well as on their internet site by claiming the Pencil was especially designed for the iPad Pro. Ive also discusses in the demo video that the sensors in the sensors built-in to the idea of the display screen work with the iPad Pro screen. The Apple Pencil might deal with other iPad designs as well as third-party applications, however you will not benefit from all marketed innovation and would be much better off acquiring a stylus that was created to collaborate with older iPad models.

Does the Apple Pencil come packed with the iPad Pro?

No. The Apple Pencil is sold separately on, at Apple retail locations and also at accredited Apple resellers. It will be readily available in November for $99.