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Superfly, which assists tourists capitalize on frequent flier miles and airline rewards programs, is broadening its services to consist of a mobile app for discovering and reserving hotels.

Superfly first launched at TechCrunch Disrupt SF in 2010 and utilizes big information to customize air travel outcomes based upon customer travel records. In April, Superfly developed Superbox, which permits individuals to organize all travel-related emails. This makes it simpler to track benefits and frequent flier miles. Now the business is making use of the exact same model to assist individuals capitalize on hotel benefits programs and advertisings: Superfly Hotels.

Available for iOS, Superfly Hotels delivers individualized hotel results, consisting of hotels you or comparable customers have actually stayed in before. Superfly will likewise provide money back on hotel spendings, starting from 5 percent for all users, and enhancing approximately 10 percent based on booking regularity.

With the launch of Superfly Hotels, Superfly is catching up to take a trip sites like Expedia, Orbitz and Priceline that currently have mobile hotel booking apps offered. Nonetheless, Superfly has an advantage over its competitors– a big information set of hotel reservations gathered from travel e-mails from Superbox.

‘The word huge information is thrown around a lot, however for us big information is all about identification, context and location,’ Superfly founder Jonathan Meiri tells me. ‘Understanding this about the customer, we are attempting to obtain all this large information and assist customers make really easy choices around which hotel is most effectively for them.’

Meiri says Superfly has gathered details on billions of dollars in hotel bookings. With this information, Superfly can suggest hotels where you’re a routine patron or can use benefits programs. Or if you usually travel with one airline, Superfly will display which hotels are preferred by that same airline’s customers.

Superfly has drawn in investors such as previous Kayak CFO Expense Smith and TravelPort Chairman Jeff Clarke. The company also just recently added another sponsor from Kayak. Jacqueline LoVerme, Kayak’s previous supervisor of business development-mobile, connected with Meiri through Smith and is now Superfly’s vice president of company development.

Meiri explains Superfly Hotels is working with versions for Android and internet. You can download the iPhone app right here.