Forget the wrist: Apple has plans to bring fitness trackers to your ears

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Apple has described strategies for a physical fitness tracker system within a pair of sports earphones or headphones.

In a patent application provided and exposed for the very first time today, the company discusses exactly how skin-sensing innovation might monitor a user’s heart rate, body temperature and sweating levels.

The application, which was really submitted in 2008, also discusses exactly how gestures like head-tilting might be used to control volume. The built-in accelerometers would likewise aid with the activity tracking, probably sending information back to an iOS gadget.

There’s likewise an unclear mention of psychological sensors, although the parent doesn’t go into detail on exactly how they’d be deployed. It’s possible the idea is to analyze some indication of the user’s frame of mind throughout exercise, which might then be evaluated after the truth in the same means some apps utilize user-inputted sensations as part of their data.


Of course, offered the declaring was made somewhere in between 5 and six years earlier, it’s challenging to translate how far along Apple is on this project and whether it ares dealing with it at all.

It ‘d be a great time for the company to get on board with wellness trackers, given the tech’s present popularity and how beneficial they seem as compared to smartwatch efforts from tech’s big players.

Apple is commonly pregnanted to launch its iWatch sometime in 2014, with recent speculation recommending it’ll be fitness-focussed.

Earlier this month, a job publishing requiring ‘Mutual understanding of physiological monitoring equipment, measurement techniques and interpretation of outcomes’ appeared on the company’s internet site.

Should Apple ditch iWatch and go all-in on iFit (or earFit)?