Loveshack Home entertainment’s upcoming iOS and Mac game Framed actually attracted attention at the PAX Australia popular culture convention this previous weekend. Not for fancy graphics– although the stylized painted visuals are excellent– however for the means in which it integrates comic books, games, and animated storytelling in a fascinating, right away engaging experience.

It plays like an interactive comic book where you can reorder the panels and alter the scene. By reframing the action, you change both the journey of your brave hero with a scene and its outcome. Framed desires you to consider context, how does the state of one panel affect what takes place in the next? If you’ve actually simply jumped from a window and are moving down a wire, however then somebody points a firearm at you, they are undoubtedly preparing to shoot. However you can change your fate by switching the panels, and putting a panel with a bird resting on the wire before the one where you are down the barrel of a weapon. A small change in context can have a huge benefit on the outcome.

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Everything in Framed follows a certain kind of reasoning, although often it’s hard to identify exactly what that is. You need to review a scene as or before it plays out, filling in the blanks– the gutters (or white space) in between frames– in order to puzzle out where your silhouetted character will appear and consequently relocate. It’s creative, and a lot of significantly, it makes you feel clever when you do not need to replay a scene to get it right.

It helps that the story sounds like it will be wonderful. You were framed for a criminal offense you did not dedicate, and now you require to escape the authorities and clear your name. They are not pulling any punches, however, so you are a dead guy if they catch you. Good thing you’ve an ace up your sleeve, then, because you can adjust the flow of panels, thereby modifying your own fate. Some scenes have just one success state and a number of fail states– each of which you can view and learn from– while others offer multiple paths. Possibly you can get a shotgun and blast your way out, or rather take cover behind a table and slip away. Modification how the scene is framed and you rewrite the tale.

We will have to wait and see how it fits together across a complete game, considering that the trial develop consisted of only a handful of scenes from the beginning of the game, however early indicators are that it’ll be something unique. Framed is prepared for launch on iOS and Mac very early next year, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the final product.