On the off possibility that you require more proof of mobile games’s rapidly altering landscape, IDC and App Annie just recently released the outcomes of a research showing that incomes for iOS and Google Play games increased dramatically in 2013’s first quarter. Incomes for the handheld games devices made by Nintendo fell throughout the exact same duration. Google’s still behind Sony and Nintendo’s general income for the time being, but with the rate of growth they reported throughout their recent I/O, it’s expected that Google Play, too, will surpass traditional handheld gaming gadgets at some point throughout the next quarter.

Keep in mind that the research is not really skewed by non-gaming apps. Games account for nearly 40 percent of all downloads for both the App Store and Google Play, according to the study. The research also discloses that games account for virtually 70 percent of consumer spending on the App Store and over 80 percent for Google Play. In some ways, as IDC and App Annie mention, such numbers might appear unjust to Nintendo and Sony. Both companies have the tendency to experience explosive growth throughout the holiday, which happens straight before the first quarter.

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But the research exposes that such seasonal cycles indicate little to absolutely nothing in the world of mobile games for the iPhone and Android systems, particularly when you look into cost and the accessibility of almost every game whenever and (relying on connection) anywhere you desire it. AllThingsD also reported that Nintendo and Sony are also simply against a shocking wall of numbers. The worldwide install base for gadgets like Nintendo’s 3DS and Sony’s PlayStation Vita totaled up to a ‘plain’ 200 million, whereas research firm Gartner reports that more than 2 billion phones and tablets will ship out in 2013 alone.

There’s still time for Nintendo and Vita to reverse their fortunes. Among the most touted attributes of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 is its ability to support gameplay with its Vita gadget, and in a more dubious move, Nintendo’s been working with developers of phone games to develop versions for its Wii U. Both business likewise have a considerable list of launches planned for the coming months.

But such measures could just postpone the inescapable. A minimum of there’s a silver lining– if this keeps up, perhaps we will finally see Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda on the iPhone after all.