Wikipad’s video gaming controller for cell phones has actually had a fascinating past and also it hasn’t even been released. The Gamevice was initially revealed back in 2014 as a portable controller for Windows 8 and Android tablets, yet it was eventually changed to an iPad mini-only device before falling off the radar. Now according to Polygon, the Gamevice is back as both an iPad Air and iPad mini compatible gadget.

Gamevice, apple

Not just is the Gamevice one of the few iPad-only controllers being launched, but it breaks into your iPad like the majority of the common MFi apple iphone controllers on the marketplace. The Gamevice connects to your iPad by means of the Lightning port as well as it showcases a classic twin analog sticks layout with D-pad, four face switches and so forth. This is sort of an odd style for the iPad Air when you believe concerning it. It would certainly seem like the majority of iPad players would favor a Bluetooth controller instead of something that affixes to your already bulky 9-inch tablet computer, but Wikipad claims their style will certainly do away with the have to prop up your iPad while you play games.

The authorities Gamevice site likewise assures that the controller will certainly assist ‘hundreds’ of mobile titles, and also Wikipad claimed they’re ‘presently adjust’ Windows and Android variations of the tool.

An 800 mAh variation will certainly be offered in ‘very early March’ for both the iPad Air and iPad mini for $99.99. There is additionally expected to be a 1,600 mAh variation with some type of 4G connection, yet the details are questionable at the moment.