An expanding number of customers on Apple’s assistance forums are reporting a concern with iOS 8 and the time zones of synced calendar occasions, records Forbes. Known by customers as the ‘GMT bug,’ the problem is creating complication as schedule events occasionally see a second time zone (regularly GMT) added on.
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The concern is recorded in a prolonged thread on Apple’s assistance forums that was begun soon after iOS 8 was launched, and also it has actually continuouslied gain considerable attention since that time. According to customer guides, schedule events created in one time area are converted to another timezone possibly when they sync across a server.

Most of the affected consultations originate from either Google or Microsoft Exchange schedules that are associateded with the default iOS schedule application. While the visit continues to be at the ideal time for the user, the actual time setting comes to be defined in GMT instead of the customer’s true time zone, which could cause concerns if the user edits the entry without realizing the various time zone.

There are contrasting records, nonetheless, over whether this behavior is definitely a pest or not. Apple assistance representatives supposedly have verified to at the very least one individual that the firm understands the concern as well as dealing with a solution, while others have been informed this is anticipated behavior.

The concern could in fact be associated with a ‘Time Area Override’ setting in iOS 8 that permits customers to maintain a constant time area for their calendars even while taking a trip to various time zones, yet even if the GMT addition is intended habits the implementation is clearly causing complication for several users.

Apple last updated iOS to variation 8.1.2 in December with a repair for disappearing ringtones. A small iOS 8.1.3 update is in testing with Apple engineers and also retail team, with a public launch expected soon. Designers are now additionally using iOS 8.2 betas, the fourth of which was launched in recently. None of everyone or beta variations of iOS are yet confirmed to have a regulation to address this issue.