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Ingress, a mobile-augmented reality game created by Google for Android devices, is set to launch on iOS gadgets next year, reports AllThingsD.

Plans for the iOS version of the game were verified by Ingress item manager Brandon Badger, with the Android version experiencing over ten thousand active players a month and one million activations total because Google introduced a shut beta for the title last November.

As explained in the Google Play description, the multiplayer gameplay of Ingress centers around 2 sides, The Enlightened and The Resistance, who contend against each other for clues about a mysterious brand-new innovation. The story is set in real-time with Google delivering new hints every week, with gamers claiming regional spots around them in the real-world, which earns them points for their particular team in-game.

Ingress changes the real life into the landscape for an international game of secret, intrigue, and competition.

Our future is at stake. And you’ve to pick a side.

A mysterious energy has actually been unearthed by a group of experts in Europe. The origin and purpose of this force is unknown, however some researchers think it’s affecting the means we think. We should manage it or it’ll control us.

Move with the real life utilizing your Android gadget and the Ingress app to discover and tap sources of this strange energy. Acquire challenge assist in your quest, deploy tech to catch area, and ally with various other gamers to advance the reason for the Enlightened or the Resistance.

An unauthorized version of Ingress was released for iOS earlier this year for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken gadgets, however the port’s creators caution that gamers might be prohibited for utilizing an informal app. A brand-new Ingress tale labelled ’13Magnus’ started today with live events prepared for 38 cities, concluding in San Francisco on December 14th. Ingress is readied to launch for iOS in 2014, however Google has actually not specified when.