According to electronics buyback site, while Google’s freshly presented Nexus 7 has shown to be a popular upgrade selection for individuals who already possess the present variation of the tablet, it is not bring in iPad owners.

The site told TechCrunch that after the new Nexus 7 was unveiled, there was a 333 percent boost in the number of Nexus 7 trade-ins compared with the same day last week, marking Gazelle’s most significant Nexus 7 trade-in day to date. In the days ahead of Google’s statement, the website saw a 442 percent rise in the variety of trade-ins.

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The Nexus 7 trade-in activity increased so high that it made up nearly a quarter of all trade-ins for non-iPad tablets considering that the website started accepting them previously this year.

Wednesday, the day Google made its statement, was also the greatest Nexus 7 trade-in day at Gazelle to date, beating the next greatest day by 380 percent. That previous record was set when the brand-new Nexus 7 leaked on July 17, which clearly propelled early adopters to capitalize on a small running start ahead of the big reveal.

In comparison, Gazelle didn’t see any noteworthy increase in iPad trade-ins throughout the Nexus 7 launch day, suggesting that the freshly introduced tablet is not really as attracting iPad owners. This is somewhat unsurprising provided the ‘lock-in’ that Apple’s iOS ecological community exhibits. Throughout Tuesday’s third quarter earnings call, Tim Cook discussed Apple’s efforts to obtain purchasers into the iOS environment, stating ‘the stickiness of the platform is big and it’s wonderful for consumers.’

The updated Nexus 7 provides a variety of impressive components that give it an upper hand over Apple’s own 7.9-inch iPad mini, consisting of a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, a nine hour battery life, and a $230 price tag.