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Watch collectors are bizarre. Often they intend meetups where they gathering with their whole watch compilations and also fondle each others’ watches, breathless with enjoyment. If you ever before see a lot of grown up men checking out Seikos from the 1970s while hyperventilating … run.

For the remainder people– or, really, for the real watch obsessive that does not wish to go to a meetup– Govberg Jewelers has actually developed the OnTime app, a virtual watch box for iOS as well as Android.

This self-funded project is the brainchild of Danny Govberg, a Philadelphia-based jewelry expert which has remained in the business of offering costly expect years. His app is targeted at collection agencies which want to monitor their watches and, maybe, make a connection by sharing their list of unusual Panerais with other obsessives.

The application reveals watch information from different resources, consisting of ABlogToWatch and Hondinkee, and allows you to enter information concerning your compilation. As an example, you can take a photo of your favorites and include an identification number and reference number. Govberg has actually also added connect to market and also appraise the watch (which offers you some sense of the money making method).

They’ve considered 23,000 users given that the iOS launch in April and also they have simply announced availability on Android.

“We really did not build the application equally as a way to market even more watches, we wished to create a natural source to support all facets of a watch lover’s life and to reinforce the enthusiast area all at once,” said Govberg. The objective is to include a number of brand-new features, consisting of a sales system to the app over time.


Can this application defeated incumbents like Watchville or, disallowing a an electronic solution, the straightforward act of dragging your watch box to a bar? Time will inform, however till then could I inform you a little bit concerning my exotic Rolex Submariner Ref. 6536? It’s obtained a quite awesome red depth score that no person has ever before seen in the wild. Purchase me one more draft beer and I’ll show it to you.