Portland-based company Grovemade is understood for its variety of appealing wood devices created for the iPad and the iPhone, which it has actually been producing for many years now. Grovemade recently invited MacRumors to go hands-on with two of its newest products for the iPhone 6 Plus, and we leapt at the opportunity due to the fact that Grovemade products have been preferred with our visitors in the past.

We took a look at the Maple and Natural leather apple iphone Situation and the matching Maple iPhone Dock. Review on to see what we thought.

Maple & Leather iPhone Case

All of Grovemade’s items are crafted by hand and also the company’s focus to information appears in both the dock and also the Maple & Leather iPhone Instance. The base of the apple iphone instance is made from maple (there’s additionally a choice for a darker walnut) that’s been sculpted to suit the apple iphone 6 Plus.
The phone fits firmly right into the maple covering, which has an intermediaries for the cam, the mute switch, the earphone port, the speakers, as well as the Lightning port. There are darker wooden switches for the volume as well as the power, which are lined with foam on the inside to activate the volume and also power on the iPhone.
At the points where new wood pieces have actually been signed up with to develop the instance, there’s darker timber burned accents, which is cosmetically pleasing, and there’s also some wood burning around each of the ports, for a darker look. A piece of natural leather wraps around the backside of the shell as well as covers the front of the phone, and the natural leather front cover is affixed to an additional slim item of maple that safeguards the apple iphone’s display.
On the maple connected to the cover, there are three items of steel, which adhere to three magnets built right into the wooden shell. Inside the instance, there are two additional magnets that pop away to enable the leather cover draw back to work as a mean the iPhone when in landscape method. There are three separate stand positions that give slightly various seeing angles, as well as because of the cover, the phone also stands on its own in portrait mode.
All of the timber utilized in the instance has been brightened smooth, as well as the natural leather, which is readily available in a reddish brownish for the maple instance as well as a black for the walnut case, matches well with the timber. As with any kind of leather situation, it will certainly end up being used in gradually for a much more organic appearance. One small aesthetic specific must be kept in mind– there’s a noticeable line in the natural leather on the back of the instance as a result of the inner intermediary for the stand.
Because the iPhone is completely confined in Grovemade’s Maple & Leather iPhone Situation, both the screen and also the rear of the phone are protected from the ground up, dings, and also damages. This isn’t really a situation that’s indicated to stand up to a great deal of wear as well as tear like something from Otterbox, but it appears fairly protective.

A few drop examinations from a mild elevation of four feet onto concrete and also timber ruined neither the instance neither the phone. Given that this situation is constructed from timber, it is very important to keep in mind that it’s breakable. If it was gone down at the incorrect angle or from a high sufficient point, it’s possible the wood could splinter or fracture (Grovemade supplies an Instance Substitute Program because of this). You’ll additionally should treat the leather outside with a practical amount of caution, as you would certainly any sort of product made from leather.
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We saw no harm to the instance after roughly a month of day-to-day usage, but the cover did end up being a little bit much more used in as well as loosened up as would certainly be anticipated with leather.

Portability sensible, this is not a slim case. It is bulky as well as brings in a great deal of additional thickness to the apple iphone, negating the extremely slim style of Apple’s latest gadgets. On an apple iphone 6 Plus, it’s most likely not going to fit easily in the pocket of a set of pants, as well as it could also be a tight suit a coat. The case is light, though, so there’s very little added weight to deal with.

With the thick wood of the instance, there’s some limitation to the headphones and also asking for devices that could be utilized. The conventional Apple Lightning cord functions for charging, and also the Apple EarPods job, however various other earphones might not suit. The opening is decently sized, though, as well as it does function with Apple’s Beats branded headphones.

Maple iPhone Dock

Like the natural leather and also timber apple iphone instances, Grovemade’s apple iphone dock comes in 2 woods: walnut and maple. The walnut is a darker timber as well as the maple is a lighter timber, and both stands match the Grovemade apple iphone situations. The coordinating appearance behaves, however however, the stand and the Natural leather iPhone Situation are not developed to work together. The thick timber underneath the situation implies it does not suit securely in the dock.
Though the Maple iPhone Dock doesn’t work with Grovemade’s very own Leather apple iphone Instance, the web site says that it deals with many various other instances. We found this to be true after examining a range of situations in different densities, consisting of situations from Apple.

The stand is composed of 3 items: a steel base, a maple cover, as well as a plastic insert to hold a Lightning cable television in area. It does not ship with a Lightning cable– you will need to supply your own.
Weighing in at three extra pounds, the steel base of the dock feels strong and also it’s not going anywhere on an area or table. Due to the fact that of the weight, there’s no shifting of the dock when you connect in or remove your iPhone, so it can be done one-handed. Underneath the base, there’s a slot for the iPhone cord, as well as an opening where you pull the cord through.

The cable is safeguarded by a key-shaped black plastic cord holder that is the least impressive component of this dock configuration. There are really two of these wire owners included in the bundle, which is great, because we destroyed among them a week into testing after attempting to adjust the cable television. The idea is to attract the cable television up via the dock as well as protect it with the cable holder, putting the maple cover over the base so merely the Lightning adapter is visible.
Getting the Lightning cable right into the dock is a difficult task due to the fact that the fit is so tight, and also the simply visual guidelines are a bit doing not have. The entire cable television owner is an inelegant option since each time the phone is put on the dock, it presses the Lightning cable television down further and eventually you will certainly have to readjust since the phone no more fits.

With the maple cover on (held in area by a built-in magnet), the cable owner as well as the leading component of the steel base are effectively hidden. Completely assembled, the dock’s layout is clean and it matches several different decors many thanks to its neutral colors. Grovemade even makes a whole wide range of area accessories to match the dock as well as the apple iphone situation, in maple and walnut. There’s a keyboard stand, a display stand, a mouse pad, a pen mug, a paper clip owner, as well as 2 plant holders.

Who Are They For?

These are attractive, top quality devices, created for those who cherish the mindful work that enters into making them and those who do not mind spending for that work. All of Grovemade’s products are made by hand, as well as if you’re an individual which appreciates well-crafted handmade devices, the Maple & Leather iPhone Instance and the Maple iPhone Dock will not disappoint.

If you’re seeking an iPhone situation that’s compact as well as doesn’t bring in a bunch of mass, the Maple & Leather iPhone situation isn’t for you, but if you don’t mind sacrificing kind for function, the situation does supply a great deal of security considering that it covers both the back as well as the display screen. Its timber as well as leather look is additionally undoubtedly eye-catching, even to those who don’t necessarily appreciate that design aesthetic.
As for the dock, it resembles any type of other apple iphone dock, so exactly what you’re purchasing below is the design. It’s simply an item of timber as well as steel that holds your iPhone in position on your area or nightstand, however it looks respectable doing it. Do not buy the dock if you desire it to collaborate with Grovemade’s natural leather iPhone instance– they’re not compatible.

While we believe the Maple & Leather iPhone provides a build high quality as well as an attribute established that makes it worth the price, we were much less convinced with the dock. It looks great, but it’s a lot to pay for something that’s sole specialty is its look.

  • Handmade by a small company
  • Made of top quality timber and also leather
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Case supplies total apple iphone protection


  • Dock and also case do not work together
  • Expensive
  • Case is bulky
  • Dock is hard to set up, Lightning cable television shifts

How to Buy

The Maple and Leather iPhone Instance could be bought from the Grovemade web site for $129. The Maple iPhone Dock can additionally be bought from the site for $99.