Guitar!, a new mobile music game from achieved iOS app powerhouse Smule offers the musically likely mobile gamer a new twist on the virtual virtuoso theme. Playing together with popular favorites making use of the iPhone (or iPad and iPod Touch– Guitar! is a universal app) touchscreen is not really revolutionary.

Many previous apps, consisting of a few of Smule’s own (Ocarina, anyone?) have actually been constructed around this functionality. But also Guitar! stands out from the crowd, because it provides another layer of interactivity. Let us dig into it after the jump.

The Beginning

The just recently introduced app features a (for now) restricted songbook, one that includes both traditional and recent pop hits. But also these instrumentals are not simply crucial, nor are they just album variations of the songs in question.

Great for people who love guitar's!

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Great for people who love guitar’s!

The player gets to select a vocalist– male or female– and the vocals are pulled from individuals in one of Smule’s other mobile music games, Sing!. The Guitar player essentially gets to select an additional real person to “collaborate” with. Which is not really to state, of course, that Jason Mraz is not a genuine person, but also knowing that the vocalist is another person who got a musical app to have a good time with is a different type of experience.

Feel like Jason Mraz with this app!

Feel like Jason Mraz with this app!


This unforeseen creative intimacy is Guitar’s primary selling point, but also the app has more going all out than a creative gimmick. Smule’s got a couple of successful apps in the marketplace and they are learning from experience.

Guitar has one of the very best, most instinctive, visually pleasing interfaces in a mobile music game available. There’s no neon lights or sparkles here, a muted major interface is simple to navigate, while the in-game accompaniment of gently radiant bars and dots (indicating whether the player must tap or strum a string) lets one concentrate on the music and thoroughly enjoy the gameplay experience.

Some great hits at the tip of your fingertips!

Some excellent favorites at the suggestion of your fingertips!

It’s an unexpectedly mature app– unforeseen since the overstimulating nature of that other guitar playing app appears to be so usual amongst iTunes providings. New songs are opened making use of “coins” made by exercising ones the player already has access to, a straightforward and user-friendly process that does not seem like a grind.

The amateur vocals obtained from Sing! might be voices most individuals have not heard before, but they have been selected for their skill, this little detail provides surprising freshness to tunes one has most likely heard a thousand times in the past. If there’s any complaint to be made about Guitar, it’s just that the songbook is too slim.

Interface and Functionality

The devs have commented that the preliminary songbook was controlled in order to assure a favorable gameplay experience for many players which even more will be incoming– here’s hoping that holds true!

Guitar might be doing not have a prolonged songbook at the minute, but also that doesn’t mean it’s brief on gameplay time, even at this stage. The tunes chosen– ‘When I Was Your Man’ (Bruno Mars), ‘I are not0 Quit’ (Jason Mraz), ‘Bubbly’ (Colbie Caillat), ‘Wait Me’ (Ben E. King), ‘I am Yours’ (Jason Mraz), ‘Your Tune’ (Elton John), ‘The A Team’ (Ed Sheeran), ‘Your home’ (Phillip Phillips), ‘Hallelujah’ (Leonard Cohen), ‘Lucky’ (Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat), and ‘Impressive Grace’ represent a wide swath of playing designs to try out.

Practice makes perfect! (iPad version shown)

Practice makes best! (iPad variation shown)

They are also not easily mastered in the most challenging play mode (there are 3 to choose from). And, in addition to opening more tracks (and the guarantee of future additions), there are different guitars to open. Players have instant access to a typical, acoustic style of play, they can use their coins to unlock the “electric” and “rock” guitars.

There’s also a freestyle mode of play– sans a predetermined song– which is endlessly enjoyable. The freestyle mode is specifically handy for practicing little additional flourishes the player wishes to incorporate into the tunes offered by the songbook.

Design and Performance

As with Smule’s various other songs apps, Guitar provides some unbelievably realistic options to boost the experience of playing music. You can, for example, add vibrato benefits by shaking the phone, highlight with strum rate and so on.

As one would expect with a dev team experienced in musical apps, Guitar! lacks absolutely nothing in the auditory department. Both the background music and vocals are crisp and clear, exceptional ear sweet.

The player’s notes sync magnificently with the touchscreen gestures utilized to trigger the strings. All in all, Guitar! is a treat for the eyes and the ears and a delightful exercise in hand eye sychronisation.

Closing Thoughts

Smule’s Guitar is a cutting-edge social songs experience, and it truly provides a large amount that other musical mobile games in the iTunes App Shop just don’t have.

The app might utilize some renovation– a means to network with pals to incorporate their specific vocals with one’s playing, and a larger track book– but also it’s off to a lovely start. And there’s really no reason not to come along for the trip, considering that Smule’s Guitar is available now in iTunes and is definitely free.