Bluetooth-enabled home appliances and also electronics that link everyday home items to mobile phones and also tablets are ending up being increasingly prominent, providing us an entire variety of linked factors– thermostats, coffee makers and also mixing bowls, vehicles, as well as hooked up tooth brushes, like the Oral-B SmartSeries tooth brush schedule, which showcases Bluetooth tooth brushes that work with an iPhone app.

Oral-B displayed its very first clever toothbrush in early 2014, as well as started shipping the $125 Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries with Bluetooth later on in the year. We overtook Oral-B at CES in 2015 and acquired our practical an Oral-B Pro 5000 so we might share the linked tooth brush encounter with MacRumors readers.

Connected tooth brushes are established to remove in 2015, so this is an excellent time to explore offered alternatives as well as view what they could do for you. Oral-B has a second higher-end version appearing this year, and the Kolibree tooth brush, which gamifies cleaning, is finally introducing in a couple of months.

What’s in the Box

The Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries with Bluetooth ships with the tooth brush itself, a brush head, a stand for billing, a travel case, as well as a guide that walks you with how to pair the toothbrush to an iPhone. There’s additionally a stand to hold a number of brush heads, however as you’ll see later on in this evaluation, the brush as well as its coming with app isn’t really fit for greater than one user.
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The Toothbrush

The Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries with Bluetooth is essentially the company’s conventional Oral-B Pro 5000 toothbrush with a Bluetooth upgrade. This brush has actually been around for fairly some time as well as has actually acquired thousands of reviews on Amazon.

For that factor, we won’t enter into a great quantity of information on the brush itself, yet we’ll hit a couple of significant points that deserve knowing. Of all, the Oral-B Pro 5000 is a rechargeable electric toothbrush that that oscillates and revolves to keep your teeth cleaner compared to a hands-on brush.

The Oral B-Pro 5000 ships with Oral-B’s common round Accuracy Clean brush head, with bristles that are designed to obtain in between teeth. The round brush head is a little bit too large for small mouths and also could be hard to use, however Oral-B additionally makes an array of other brush heads that are compatible with the toothbrush. Brush heads have to be replaced every three months, but Oral-B’s are fairly inexpensive at around $7 per head.
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In contrast to a Sonicare tooth brush, Oral-B’s leading rival, the Oral-B sounds louder, feels bulkier, as well as appears far more effective against the teeth. There’s very a bit of distinction between both brands– Oral-B makes use of rotating-oscillating movements while Sonicare utilizes high-velocity side vibrations (aka side-to-side vibrations).

Electric tooth brushes like the Oral-B 5000 clean the teeth effectively with minimal initiative, yet they’re additionally great for preventing damages to the gums considering that they’re mild. The Oral-B is particularly helpful in this respect since it has an integrated pressure sensor with an indication light that will certainly blink red whenever you’re pushing more difficult compared to you should.
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Brushing with the Oral-B 5000 is implied to be done in quadrants, with a minimum of 30 secs spent on each area of the mouth. The brush will whir in 30 2nd intervals even when not linked to the app to permit you recognize what area of your mouth to concentrate on, and also these periods can be tweaked with either integrated modes or customizable choices. There are five consisted of modes: Daily Clean (default), Sensitive (lower speed), Lightening (polishes area stains away), Massage therapy, and also Deep Clean (longer period).

The App

The Oral-B app, readily available for cost-free, is where all the magic takes place with the Oral-B Bluetooth tooth brush. Connecting the brush to the application is as simple as switching on Bluetooth on the iPhone as well as opening up the application, where the toothbrush is instantly recognized.

The app is indicated to used together with the tooth brush, so the idea is to open up the application and afterwards start cleaning, which causes a two min timer to start counting down. You’re supposed to spend 30 seconds on each quadrant of your mouth (upper left, upper right, lower left, and lower right) and also a 3D mouth picture guides you through the cleaning process. There’s no way for the brush to tell exactly what part of your mouth you’re concentrated on, so it depends on you to see to it you below along.
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While you brush, the application shows intriguing pictures, information stories, everyday climate forecasts, upcoming schedule events, quotes, fun truths, cleaning suggestions, and also much more, to offer you something to check out. 2 minutes may not seem like a long period of time, yet brushing that long can get tiresome without entertainment.

Be notified: we often achieved flecks of tooth paste and also water on an iPhone while checking the brush, an event that seems impossible to avoid trying to hold a phone and also brush at the very same time. There were two other features, or lack thereof that troubled us: there’s no means to view just how much battery life is left on the brush and there’s no chance to tailor the content drawn right into the app.

The application’s material is hit-or-miss often, depending upon your interests. For instance, I really did not have much interest in the opening of an art collection at a Dutch museum or the 6 Nations Rugby championship, however the application presented this information anyway. It would certainly behave for users to be able to decide on content from preferred websites or social media networks as an alternative as a much better cleaning motivator.

If you desire to stay clear of toothpaste on your iPhone or if you don’t care for the app’s content, you can also brush without it and also sync your stats to the app later on. The tooth brush will certainly keep up to 20 cleaning sessions prior to it requires to attach to the apple iphone to pass on info, as well as we had no troubles with syncing brushing sessions after the fact.

At completion of the brushing session, the app compensates you with a pleased face as well as information on exactly how lengthy you cleaned– if you fulfilled 2 minutes. If you really did not, you achieve a face that’s a little disappointed, which is a solid motivator to fulfill that 2 min mark.
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The end of a session will likewise raise a food selection asking if you flossed, rinsed with mouth wash, and cleansed your tongue. One significant downside to cleaning without the app is that you cannot appear to by hand enter when you floss or wash (these can only be ticked off after the app’s timer has run), so you can not track these components if you would like to brush without the application open.

After brushing, you could tap to watch your stats for the day, week, or month. The app tracks how long you brush, exactly how commonly you brush, whether you applied way too much tension while brushing, as well as exactly how often you flossed, washed your tongue, as well as rinsed. Revolving to landscape method reveals cleaning data in a bar chart. Individual bests for session length, brushing streak, and more are received an ‘Achievements’ section of the app, as are achievements that could be gained by fulfilling activities like brushing for 7 days during lunch, or brushing constantly at night.

In the Customized Care area of the app, you (or your dental expert) can develop customized timers as well as ‘Focused Treatment Zones,’ which are areas where you’ll be motivated to do additional cleaning complying with a normal cleaning part. The ability to establish up custom-made cleaning prepares that are communicated to the tooth brush is among the most useful features in the app.
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Tapping among the + areas of the Focused Treatment food selection brings in 10 secs of brushing to a specific component of the mouth, which will be contributed to each cleaning session. The app will trigger you to perform this added brushing and show the areas that requirement additional interest, so this is one more instance where brushing without the application is less useful.

There’s an area of the app that’s particularly designed for dental practitioners, where a dental expert can establish suggestions, custom-made timers, or Focused Treatment areas that need even more interest based upon just what he or she views during a cleansing or examination. This section also permits you discover your dental expert to save information like contact number and upcoming appointments.
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Finally, the application likewise includes an option of dental care pointers as well as a ‘Shop’ area, which takes you to the Oral-B site in Safari to buy tooth brushes and replacement brush heads.

Overall, the app is an useful tool for keeping yourself inspired to brush and also for tracking brushing stats. Establishing custom brushing routines that could be beamed to your tooth brush is the application’s finest feature, as it isn’t possible with common electric toothbrushes.

Many people share these toothbrushes as well as swap in brush heads, which is not truly a choice with this specific tooth brush. There is no strong way to take note of multiple brushers with the app. Multiple people can download and install the application and also sync with the exact same brush, yet the brush can not discriminate in between two folks so all the information is downloaded and install right into each instance of the application, jumbling the results.

Who’s it For?

According to a dentist that MacRumors talked with, the Oral-B 5000 or a similar electric tooth brush is advised for all clients. Tooth brushes like these, as stated aforementioned, are highly effective as well as mild on the gums, keeping users from brushing too hard.

In a much more useful sense, any person who is intending to shell out the cash for an electrical tooth brush may wish to give the Oral-B 5000 Bluetooth choice an appearance. It’s priced relatively to a non-Bluetooth electrical toothbrush and the application brings a whole array of beneficial features.

Earning a face could not seem like much of a motivator, however in method, it could urge longer brushing, as could the news tales as well as quick guide to below together with. The suggestions to brush, floss, and rinse are likewise useful, specifically if you frequently forget to do these things.

You can offer the Oral-B application a try without spending the cash for the toothbrush. It’s a complimentary download from the Application Store and it can function individually from the Bluetooth tooth brush as long as you’re ready to start the timer manually. There’s also an attribute that’ll begin the timer based upon the noise of an electric tooth brush, which is handy. You lose on the stress sensing and a few of the custom-made programming capacities, yet it’s a great way to check it bent on see if tracking your brushing corrects for you.

  • Custom timer options
  • Encourages much longer cleaning times
  • Encourages flossing, rinsing with reminders
  • Pressure sensor
  • Adds more functionality to an already valuable product


  • Can’t by hand get in flossing/rinsing
  • App is iPhone only
  • No support for multiple users
  • No support for custom content

How to Buy

The Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries tooth brush with Bluetooth has an MSRP of $160, yet it can presently be bought from for $124.99.