Apple has never ever revealed much interest in styluses, even as companies like Samsung and Microsoft have actually accepted them as major marketing points for smartphones and also tablet computers. Previous Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs even reached claiming ‘If you see a stylus pen, they blew it,’ on one celebration, and at Macworld in 2007, he asked ‘That desires a stylus? Nobody really wants a stylus pen.’

Apple’s concentrate on the fingertip as the ideal input approach doesn’t imply stylus pens are totally meaningless– they could be valuable for taking notes, making sketches, producing artwork, and in dozens of various other circumstances. Luckily, Apple’s disinterest in the stylus hasn’t quit third-party device makers from developing them, and eight years after the apple iphone first debuted, there are a variety of stylus pen options on the market.

Adonit is a company that entered the stylus game early, debuting its initial stylus on Kickstarter in 2011. The Adonit Jot was one of the initial styluses to include a slim plastic accuracy disc, doing away with a rubber pointer to permit individuals see more of the screen while creating. Because then, Adonit has taken place to make an array of stylus pens, some that also hook up using Bluetooth to include stress sensitivity.

The company’s newest styluses, the Jot Pro and also the Jot Mini, are basic non-connected stylus pens, however they’re the conclusion of years of job perfecting the stylus based upon consumer feedback and they’re several of the nicest writing utensils that Adonit has made yet. Obtain a glimpse at the Jot Pro or Jot Mini in the video clip listed below, or keep reviewing to see our complete thoughts on the two styluses.

What’s in the Box

The Jot Pro and the Jot Mini come nicely packaged in an external cardboard box and also a plastic insert with a glue strap that holds them in position throughout delivery. They show up with caps in position to keep the pointer from being damaged and are ready to utilize as soon as the cap is gotten rid of as well as affixed to the bottom of the stylus.
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Design and Features

Both the Jot Pro and also the Jot Mini are made from a light in weight aluminum in black or silver that matches the aluminum support of the silver/space gray iPad and apple iphone. Each features a screw-off cap that links to both ends of the stylus pen and offers two functions– keeping the stylus safe during transportation in a bag or pocket as well as prolonging the size of the stylus pen when in use.

Each variation has an integrated clip at the end that permits the stylus to clip into a shirt pocket or bag and also they both have the very same plastic tip.
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The bigger Jot Pro has a couple of attributes not found in the small variation. In addition to being both larger and bigger (123mm and also 20 grams vs 98.7 mm as well as 13 grams), it includes a textured grasp to make it simpler to hold and also a cushion at the tip that offers it a little bit a lot more flexibility versus the screen for quieter writing.


When it involves styluses, some of the most crucial components to take into consideration are the idea of the device, the weight, and exactly how it feels in the hand, as each one of these could impact the writing or mapping out experience.

The significant benefit of the plastic suggestion of the Jot Pro as well as Jot Mini is the capability to view the whole screen when you’re creating or mapping out. With a larger rubber-tipped stylus pen, the screen is obscured so you cannot view the point where the stylus pen connects to the screen. The plastic idea of the Jot isn’t really naturally a lot more exact than a rubber tip, however it could feel much more accurate considering that you could view just what you’re doing.
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Writing with a rubber-tipped stylus could occasionally create overcompensation resulting in distortion since it’s difficult to view the letters being developed, however the Jot Pro minimizes that trouble for writing that’s more clear, especially when composing small letters.

The disadvantage is that there’s more resistance against the screen with the Jot Pro, meanings that that the writing encounter is not as smooth. This is a lot more evident when attempting to sketch, however it’s certainly recognizable when composing too. This extra bother isn’t a deal breaker whatsoever due to the reality that it’s fairly subtle, however it’s something to be familiar with when picking a stylus.

Earlier Jot styluses had some concerns with pivoting as well as the plastic idea popping off, however those problems seem to been solved. The idea of both the Jot Mini and the Jot Pro pivoted smoothly and also enabled continuous writing at any kind of angle.

One significant disadvantage of both styluses and of the plastic suggestion generally is the sound. When creating or attracting, there’s a distinctive click that resembles the tap of a fingernail versus the display. The bigger Jot Pro has a supported suggestion that provides a rather smoother composing experience as well as a mild dampening of the noise, however the click is still significantly audible with either stylus.

Weight and hand really feel might not feel like important aspects when picking a stylus pen, yet these aspects can have an effect on the fluidity of writing and the feel of your hand after writing for a long period of time.
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The Jot Pro is somewhat thicker compared to your common pen, as well as around as hefty as a good quality pen you may buy for $40 or $50. It has a distinctive grip as well as on the whole, it really feels wonderful in the hand. The added weight helps make composing somewhat smoother, as well as its pen-like feel makes it comfy to utilize for long note taking or attracting sessions.

The Jot Mini is smaller sized, lighter, and also thinner compared to the Jot Pro. The build top quality is fantastic, however its little dimension indicates that it is slightly less comfy to hold. Its small dimension as well as light weight make it a great travel stylus pen for occasional use.

Who’s it For?

With the Jot Pro and the Jot Mini, you’re obtaining preciseness at the cost of a little bit of drag out the display and a clicking noise that could be irritating to some. It’s an outstanding throughout stylus and it really radiates in accuracy writing as well as drawing situations because of its ability to allow its customer to view the entire screen.
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Unless you require something portable and reduced cost, the Jot Pro is the far better choice over the Jot Mini. It’s bigger dimension means it’s more comfy to utilize for extended periods of time, as well as its cushioned tip offers a smoother, quieter creating experience.

  • Full field of view
  • Very precise feel
  • Excellent form factor


  • Pricer compared to a lot of rubber-tipped styluses
  • Clicking sound on screen
  • Slight bother contrasted to rubber tip

How to Buy

The Jot Mini is available from the Adonit site for $19.99. The Jot Pro is additionally available from the website, but priced a little higher at $29.99.