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OS X Mavericks (called after a browsing location in California) was announced just recently, and it contains a lots of new functions for Mac users to read and discover once more. While not as incredible an overhaul as the simultaneous upgrade to iOS 7, Mavericks still includes some fairly practical attributes and additions to make it worth some poking around, even in the beta.

Speaking of the beta, keep in mind that any of the things we discuss below may just exist in the beta, or in some various other kind, so take pleasure in experimenting with these things, but do not stress when things are different when Mavericks launches for real in the Fall.

That said, let us take a look at 5 new, unseen, and above all, interesting, features of the current beta for OS X: Radicals.

First, You’ll Have to Install Java


If you should make use of Java for any reason on your Mac, and you set up OS X Mavericks beta on it, you’ll be sad when you attempt and run that Java-reliant little software.

For me, it was setting up the Minecraft server for my children after I set up the beta last night to have a look at things. When I went to run it in Terminal, I got an error, saying there was no Java installed. So, despite the fact that I ‘d had Java set up in Mac OS X Mountain Cougar, the Mavericks install appears to have actually taken Java off my Mac. No concerns, it was kind of a simple repair.

Open up your Terminal app, and kind java -version into the window. You’ll see the arrow, then get a dialogue box that’ll send you to the Java download web page if you click the More Details … button. Do that, and you’ll get a download page. Scroll down and discover the Mac OS X variation of Java, and download the dmg file.

Once it’s downloaded, double click the plan file after opening the disk image (. dmg), and enter your admin password to install Java. Once the install is total, check to see if Java is now made it possible for on your Mac with the same command as above: java -version. If you’ve actually installed it correctly, you’ll see the variation you downloaded.

Now you can run your Java stuff without a hitch. My son is quite delighted he can run around our Minecraft server now with his little buddies, building and crafting to his heart’s content.

Use Enhanced Dictation And Keep Your Speech Information Private


Speech to text is the next new thing, with all gadgets we make use of, including our Macs, having the ability to pay attention to our speech and type what we say for us. What usually makes this magic possible are network-connected processing information centers, that take your speech and change it to text, all someplace besides your iPhone gadget, state. But exactly what if you wish to keep exactly what you state to your gadgets personal?

In the brand-new variation of OS X, Mavericks beta, there’s a brand-new choice to do simply that. It’s called Enhanced Dictation, and below’s the best ways to enable it.

Launch System Preferences in OS X Mavericks beta and click on the Dictation and Speech icon. When in the choice pane, turn Dictation On with a click. You’ll see the following caution:

Enhanced Dictation

If you’ve the area on your hard disk, and a respectable sufficient WiFi connection, you can click the Use Enhanced Dictation checkbox and download a 785 MB file that’ll contain the processing that typically gets sent off to Apple information centers. Now you are not depending on Apple to keep exactly what you state to your Mac key.

Unfortunately, there’s still no way to do this on iOS, as the gadgets are smaller, space-wise, and have less processing power than a complete sized Mac laptop computer or desktop computer.