Your Apple Watch doesn’t need an apple iphone to make it whole.

Sébastien Page at iDownloadBlog gave a complete run-through, however if you want the fast version, you can:

Message other people


If you’re connected to an Wi-Fi network your Apple Watch already acknowledges, you can make up, send out, as well as get iMessages on your Apple Watch. You could also attract sketches, pass along your pulse, or tap a friend utilizing Digital Touch.

Create pointers as well as calendar events

These two functions employed identically, however the upshot is that if you make a brand-new appointment or require a push in an hour, your Apple Watch can handle it. For long-term plans, it’ll also save your occasions locally up until you re-sync experiencing your phone. And after that it will back everything approximately iCloud as normal.

Control your Apple TV

mobile phone

Did you shed the small distant to your Apple TELEVISION and also wish to view a motion picture you rented out on iTunes? Advantage you have actually a data backup strapped to your wrist. As long as you have actually done the preliminary arrangement, you do not need your apple iphone to regulate the action.

Get fundamental details from Siri

Siri still works with your Apple Watch without a phone close by, so if you require to recognize when a movie begins or the number of inches there are in a kilometer (39,370, if you were wondering), she can help you out.

Check the weather condition and also your stocks


Siri additionally doesn’t need an apple iphone to know which means the wind blows, as well as she could update you on your portfolio and also various sporting activities teams. So if you have to know if it’s going to rainfall throughout the football game that you have actually wagered your Starbucks stock on, she can give you all the info you need.