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Sometimes, an item can actually sneak into your heart. Such was the HEX Drake Origin knapsack, which I offered a positive review.

Cabana Laptop Duffel by HEX
Category: Laptop bag
Works With: Up to 15-inch laptops
Price: $100

Although I enjoyed it from the first for being a knapsack that a fashionably-inclined, mature man might wear without looking like a slobbering, buffoonish manchild – no mean accomplishment – the Drake Beginning has actually become even fonder to me in the months because, until I found that I was more inclined to hoist it up onto my shoulder as I left your home than I was some of my various other treasured messenger and satchel bags.

What I liked about the HEX Drake Beginning was not just its incredibly solid stitching and construction, however the means it made me feel when I picked it up, I felt as if I unexpectedly went back in time, and becamed a dandyish Oxford student in the 1910s carrying a tweed knapsack filled with natural philosophy texts throughout a blustery, autumn-strewn quad. This could appear valuable, and is in truth precious, however the means all of us look at style is with the romanticized lens of nostalgia. Fashion is a way we inform other people a story about ourselves, and I suched as the tale I thought the HEX Drake Origins outlined me.

I do not feel the same way about the HEX Cabana Laptop Duffel, however it’s not really the bag’s fault. If the Drake turned me into an Oxford pupil from a century back, the Cabana Notebook Duffel turns me into that Oxford pupil’s girlfriend on a day out at the beach. It’s an extremely feminine bag that I love, but maybe not the right bag for me.

The HEX Cabana Laptop Duffel is an exquisitely pretty bag.

The Cabana Laptop Duffel is a remarkably rather bag. One of the trademarks of HEX’s design strategy is launching bags in very high quality and with stylish fabrics. The Drake Origins was a gray tweedish thing, while the Cabana is more striped and lineny, in red, dark blue, and cream. The impression the material makes – and why I say it reminds me of a trendy girl’s bag taken to the beach – is that it’s something of an extremely good beach towel about it, in both feel and look. The fabric is waxed, offering a degree of water resistance,


The HEX Cabana Laptop computer Duffel likewise has a helpful pocket for an iPad.

On the cushioned within, the Cabana Laptop Duffel is huge enough for a 15-inch notebook, and there’s a smaller committed pocket big enough for an iPad or various other tablet. There’s likewise an additional section, big enough for books or basic storage, however not truly that roomy, in addition, there are two interior pockets for pens, company cards, floppy disks and cables, and two outside compartments ideal for tricks or business cards, and even your iPhone.

The material option of this bag is not quite right for me, although it would (and does) make an outstanding accessory for my girlfriend’s fantastic mid-century chicness. It’s a bag that makes an impression. If I were to buy a bag like this, I’d probably take it in another material, which is indeed an option (you can even get it from the same gray tweedish stuff as the Drake Origins backpack I love a lot). So do not let the real product of this bag dissuade you: there’s a HEX Laptop computer duffel for everybody.

Perhaps the most significant impression the bag makes on me, beyond its stunning looks and superlative stitching, is that calling it a ‘Duffel’ is actually a misnomer. When I agreed to review this bag, I was anticipating, well, a satchel with specialized pockets. The specific use case I wanted was that this could be a terrific bag for a work weekend: huge enough to accommodate a modification of garments and a book, in addition to a laptop computer and a tablet and all its chargers.

Too little to be a real duffel. It’s even more like a huge laptop bag.

In truth, it’s too little to be what I’d take a real duffel. It’s even more like a huge notebook bag: it fits a lot into it, but insufficient to make this a weekender bag, or even a daytripper bag. If you get a HEX Laptop Duffel, keep that in mind.

That’s about the only grievance I can muster, though. As I stated previously, the point of way is to tell a story about yourself, and HEX’s entire line-up of bags are made to inform a really advanced and, yes, nostalgic tale about the kind of person you are. The HEX Cabana Laptop Duffel advises me of bright young things glittering with sea salt, drinking cocktails on the coast. That’s not the story I wish to tell about myself, for obvious gender reasons, but if it’s the tale that appeals to you, this is a bag to consider.