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The Hidden Radio is most likely the best-looking speaker I’ve actually tested.

Hidden Radio by Hidden Radio
Category: Bluetooth Speakers
Works With: Anything with Bluetooth
Price: $150

The Hidden Radio was a very early Kickstarter success, blowing past its initial $125,000 objective to strike virtually a million dollars. I was, obviously, the first gadget author to publish about it, and a the end of last summertime – shortly after the speakers began delivering, I fulfilled John and Vitor here in Barcelona.

So I figured it was about time I assessed it.

Who’d not love to have this on their smooth Scandinavian table or their chintzy gee-gaw-laden mantelpiece?

The Hidden Radio is an incorporated Bluetooth speaker and radio. It looks like half of a large tablet, and runs a internal rechargeable li-ion battery (1 of the additions to the original design enabled by the runaway success on Kickstarter).

The volume is controlled by twisting the entire external shell like a huge volume knob, which unscrews it and reveals the speaker grille below. Which’t it. The turning activity also toggles power, and unless you make use of the radio you need never make use of an additional switch.

The Good It feels and look great. John and Vitor actually did make an item that’ll vanish into many decor, or attract attention as a minimalist piece in an empty space. It’s a rewarding heft, and the unscrewing activity is a lot fun that you wish to keep doing it.

It feels and look wonderful, with a satisfying heft.

The 360 ˚ design likewise makes it great for communal listening. I don’t mean that you should sit around the room all tuned to the same radio program. What I imply is that it’s created to sit on a table to offer the soundtrack for dinner. Since it’s no front or back, everyone get the exact same amount of sound. And this means you do not need to crank it up for everybody to hear it.

The Bad

The charging hole and radio controls might be a little too hidden.

If you’ve actually utilized any other high-end Bluetooth speaker (Braven, Jambox, Supertooth) then you’ll be disappointed with the sound from the Hidden Radio. It’s proficient, and room-filling, it doesn’t have the depth and warmth of these other speakers, sounding a little tinny in comparison. If you’ve actually never ever heard these other speakers, however, then you’ll be delighted enough.

If you have made use of other high-end Bluetooth speaker then you’ll be dissatisfied with the sound from the Hidden Radio

The other troubles are physical. Make sure you keep the USB charging cable television that came in the box, due to the fact that it’s an unique small go to fit into the small nook that houses the USB socket. The 15-hour battery life indicates that you will not have to charge it that typically, but if you’re away on trip and discover that you simply cannot jam in the single microUSB cable television you brought along, then you’ll run out luck, and out of music.

The radio is likewise a little fiddly. Tuning is automatic: you press a button to scan up or down the frequencies and wait. The idea is that you pick a station and simply leave it tuned, I guess. I just made use of the radio to see if it worked, changing it off as soon as I heard my first advertisement. Basically: it works fine.

Finally, the very little design means that you do not get any play/pause switches over, or anything however volume control. This is neither good nor bad, I suspect – you just need to choose exactly what you want.

The Verdict

I most likely wouldn’t buy a Hidden Radio for myself, however I ‘d be delighted to give one as a gift. In reality I’ve actually done just that, and the giftee was totally stoked and wishes to welcome me to a rooftop BBQ so we can utilize it, which is a succeed for me.

But them I am spoiled. I get to check out lots of Bluetooth speakers for review, so I’ve high requirements. And sound-wise, the Hidden Radio doesn’t fulfill them. But for style, ease-of-use (except the charging part) and comprehensive cool-gadgetiness, the Hidden wins. You’ll need to choose what’s very important for you.