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In hockey’s very early days, if you took a puck to the kisser you acquired stitched up as well as put back on the ice. No goalkeeper would certainly attempt use a safety mask – followers considered it unmanly. Trains stressed their netminders would certainly lose their guts. Reporters echoed these judgments in their stories.

Yet after stopping a hard wrist fired with his face early in the first period of a game versus the Rangers in 1959, Montreal Canadiens goalie Jacques Plante chose not to return without the crude, flesh-toned fiberglass mask he utilized in practice.

The press fussed at him, yet Plante believed playing without a mask was like a skydiver jumping without a parachute. Plante’s horrible face cover went on to victory over goalkeepers, became a long-lasting sign of the video game as well as progressed right into a sophisticated imaginative statement for today’s goaltenders.


‘I already had 4 damaged nostrils, a busted mandible, 2 damaged cheekbones, and also practically 200 stitches in my head. I didn’t care how the mask looked,’ Plante stated regarding using defense on the ice. ‘I hesitated I would certainly look just like the mask, the method points were going.’

Today’s goalie uses what is referred to as a combo mask, a wrap-around fiberglass-Kevlar mix that covers past the ears, goes over the top of the head as well as dips down to cover the throat. A stainless steel cage safeguards the location of the eyes and nose.


When Plante, his jacket detected with blood, returned to that game in 1959, the sport of hockey was undergoing adjustments that required a change in attitude concerning securing the face.

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Freshly developed hockey embeds the hands of faster, stronger professional athletes were developing more challenging tries that were increasing off the ice.

The slapshot was born, with pucks taking a trip at ONE HUNDRED mph. Just before then, a slower video game maintained the puck on the ice and a stand-up goalkeeper would certainly block most chances with his stick and also come out of the web to cut back angles.

Goalies quickly began tumbling down much more on the ice in a style now called the butterfly, spreading their physical body to cover even more room before the internet – as well as inevitably making the face much more vulnerable. As the position advanced, goaltenders ended up being persuaded a mask was essential and mask makers continuously fine-tuned designs as well as materials.

Plante himself ended up being a companion in a fiberglass firm as well as the development of the mask might be viewed on his face up until his retired life in the 1970s at age 46.

The very early versions were hideous as developers functioned to boost air flow and abate worries concerning obscured field of vision. Plante and also others quickly wore just what is described as the cracker, a mask designed with brownish, ropelike shapes of fiberglass that sort of appearances like the huge soft pretzels you could buy at the mall.

Over the years, masks were made to cover the face and also were created white.


A few players started to bring in some flair to the masks. The Bruins’ Gerry Cheevers started bring in black stitch marks to his mask to make individuals think he had been hit in the face many times.

‘When he started placing the stitches on, folks made note it had not been simply to shield your face,’ previous NHL goaltender as well as mask enthusiast Ron Hextal told NHL.com. ‘It was a piece of art.’

A instructor with the Red Wings in the 1970s added some red, downy wings coming off the eye openings of Jimmy Rutherford’s mask. That seemed to stir up a personalized in personalizing masks with repainted scenes to reflect group colors and also company logos, while revealing the specific identities of goalkeepers, which are typically thought about the quirkiest members of teams.

Fans hold timeless masks dear to their hearts: A few of the layouts ended up being more legendary compared to the players behind them. Scores of sites, YouTube video clips as well as firms making reproduction masks are dedicated to pioneering designs as well as paint tasks to satisfy fans attracted by mask history. (View listed below for example of video productions that specify on history and also design.)

Painting the mask became more difficult when, in an effort to secure the still-exposed eyes of the aged masks, the combination mask began to appear (the name comes from 2 designs, the fiberglass and the cage worn on helmets by some goalies, particularly in Europe). Surface area that acquired lost from the front moved to other areas of the head. Now the artists themselves have rock-star afterwards often eclipse their clients.