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iOS 7 has actually been launched in beta kind to those who’ve actually spent for a developer account with Apple, however the rest of the public will need to wait. Apple prepares to deliver iOS 7 to the world later this fall, so in the meantime you are limited to seeing screenshots online and the occasional GIF.

Unless you’ve a jailbroken iPhone, that is. Below’s how to create iOS 7 on iOS 6.

Flaticons theme
The Messages app and Tweetbot themed by Flaticons.

The Messages app and Tweetbot themed by Flaticons.

This $1 Winterboard theme doesn’t look identical to iOS 7 by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s closer than the stock look of iOS 6. Search for it in Cydia to install then apply in Winterboard. The icons are certainly more squared than iOS 7, but the general visual is close enough. Integrate the theme with another jailbreak tweak called LSFlatAlerts for a more appealing alert view on the lockscreen.

In my viewpoint, Flaticons really looks much better and more clear than most of iOS 7.

BlurriedNCBackground for Notice Center


The iOS 7 Alert Center background has definitely no linen, and that’s a good idea. Rather, the background is a dark blur, and it looks lovely. BlurriedNCBackground can produce a similar effect. Also try NCColors in Cydia if you can get a darker look.

CardSwitcher for multitasking

Apple has a new webOS-like multitasking interface in iOS 7. Rather of fixed app icons, the app switcher reveals fullscreen previews of open apps. You can recreate this experience with a $2 jailbreak tweak called CardSwitcher. It works wonderful, and there’s some included customizability that Apple does not provide.

Auxo for Control Center


In iOS 7, Control Center let us you rapidly gain access to Settings toggles like WiFi and Bluetooth. Auxo is an iOS 6 multitasking replacement for jailbreakers that does basically the exact same thing. Another tweak called NCSettings locations Settings toggles in Notification Center.

FolderEnhancer for folders

The new folder view in iOS 7. You can get close with FolderEnhancer.

The new folder view in iOS 7. You can get close with FolderEnhancer.

Apple lastly included the capability to put a lots of apps in one folder with iOS 7. You still can’t put a folder within a folder, however luckily a jailbreak tweak called FolderEnhancer allows you to do that too. You can personalize the iOS folders background to create a blurred effect that appears like iOS 7. I suggest taking the brightness to 100 % and alpha to around 50 % in the ‘Appearance’ settings of the tweak.

3DBoard for parallax

The iOS 7 Home display uses your iPhone’s positioning hardware to develop a dynamic impact when you tilt the device in your hand. Apple describes as parallax. Instead of your app icons staying still, it resembles they rotate to follow your viewpoint as the iPhone’s screen is slanted. To get a great concept of exactly how this works, install a $1.50 jailbreak tweak called 3DBoard.

LivePapers for animated wallpapers

The iOS 7 lockscreen.

The iOS 7 lockscreen.

Like Android, iOS 7 has animated wallpapers. A free jailbreak tweak called LivePapers lets have animated backgrounds on iOS 6 also. There are two paid addons readily available for the tweak: Bubbles Pro and Nexus. Each allows you to customize and great tune certain animations to your preference. I suggest Bubbles Pro for producing a more iOS 7-like result.

A huge shout out to Cult of Mac reader Ryan Corrigan for helping research this short article. You can follow him on Twitter: @ RyanTheC.