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When Apple first presented the iPhone Sixes and apple iphone 6s Plus back in September they additionally, without much excitement, raised iCloud storage strategies. Although they didn’t update the standard 5GB of iCloud storage space that has every iOS gadget, Apple did substantially improve the cloud storage restrictions of their alreadying existing plans.

New iCloud Storage Plans

  • 50GB -> $0.99/ month (2.5 X much more storage for the same cost).
  • 200GB -> $2.99/ month (cost minimized by 25 %).
  • 500GB -> $9.99 / month (discontinued).
  • 1TB->$9.99/ month (cost decreased by 50 %).

Finally, Apple’s new iCloud plans are considerably more competitive and could compete with the similarity Google, Microsoft and also Dropbox. Sadly, these upgrades, while supplied at the very same price or even reduced than previous iCloud plans, do not upgrade instantly for alreadying existing customers. Exactly how can you update your current iCloud strategy to one of the new storage space plans at no additional price to you?

How to update your iCloud Strategy for free

My current iCloud strategy was one of the legacy strategies and was no much longer available. I was paying $10.99 for 20 GB/year. Apple has actually since provided a similar strategy that was a bit a lot more pricey at $0.99/ month. Luckily, when the new plans were announced, I was now able to update to 50GB of storage for the same $0.99/ month price of the existing 20GB plan. Nevertheless, I had to manually pick this plan to get the additional storage space. Maybe this was because of that I was presently on an annual announced strategy that didn’t end following August. It is unclear whether Apple would certainly have raised my storage space at the time of renewal-or a minimum of signaled me to the new storage alternatives when my existing yearly plan scheduled for renewal.

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To sight your iCloud setups, as well as upgrade your storage plan, reached Settings-> iCloud-> Storage-> Change Storage Plan.

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When you opt to transform your storage space plan you will be revealed the all the current offered options. Right now I might increase my storage by 2.5 X from 20GB to 50GB for the very same monthly price. It was a $1/year increase for me just considering that I was still on a older, ceased plan.


With any adjustments to you your iCloud storage plan (both upgrades and downgrades) you will need to enter your iTunes password before you could verify your choice. If you were like me, and you had many months staying on a yearly strategy, Apple will certainly reimburse you the pro-rated improvement for the extra portion. Furthermore, they will certainly also quickly charge your make up the brand-new regular monthly plan, as well as will certainly continuously bill your account every month until you alter or cancel your plan.