iPad iCloud Settings

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Want to understand how big your iCloud backups are? Or the best ways to handle iCloud storage and backup right on your iPad? This is easy to on the iPad.

Here’s how:

– Open the Settings app.

– Tap on the entry for iCloud in the sections listed in the left sidebar. You’ll see the iCloud display revealed above.

– Then tap on the Storage space and Backup bar, just above the Delete Account bar at the bottom of the page.

– You’ll see the Storage and Backup display next. In its Storage space section you’ll see the total iCloud storage area offered (mine programs 25GB due to the fact that I bought an additional 20GB on top of the basic 5GB), and the quantity that’s currently readily available.

iPad iCloud Storage and Backup

– Now tap on the Manage Storage space bar simply below the Readily available line, and you’ll get to the Manage Storage space page:

iCloud Manage Storage

– This page has 2 main areas– Backups and Papers and Data. Backups shows you a listing of all the iCloud backups of your iOS gadgets, with every one detailed by device name and also showing the size of the backup. My listing above programs me that I have most likely got a few I can safely do away with – one for my first iPad mini which had a fault which triggered me to return it and a couple for when testing on my iPad 3, for example.

– You can tap on any of the detailed backups to see the date of the backup and a verification of the backup size. You can likewise opt to delete the backup on this page.

Delete iCloud Backup

– Back on the Manage Storage space screen, the Documents and Data section shows you the leading 5 apps that are utilizing the most iCloud storage. Simply below the leading 5 apps, you can tap to Show All and you’ll see a page with a fuller listing of apps that appears like this:

iCloud Documents and Data

– Tap on any of the individual apps and you’ll get to a display where you’ll see information on backup entries and sizes for that app. The information revealed will differ rather a bit depending on exactly what type of app you look at. Notes and writing apps list note titles, for instance.

App backup numbers in iCloud

– Tap the Edit button at the top right of these individual app pages and you can then choose to erase any of the individual item backups noted or to Erase All.

So there’s your fast rundown of dealing with iCloud storage and backup on the iPad– hope it’s handy.