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Some of you may know, YouTube videos don’t play in the background of an app or tab on iPad and iPhone. There’s a workaround to this in iOS 6.1 by switching tabs/apps, pressing the power button, power button again, lock screen controls, play, success. However this is prolonged. I thought someone might’ve made a tweak workaround, anybody heard of anything?

It’s unclear whether this is a deliberate modification in iOS 6.1 or merely a bug that could be fixed in a future upgrade, however there are the good news is a few ways around this, in the meantime a minimum of. The most basic option is to aim to third-party free of cost apps such as Jasmine or McTube, which works fine to keep playing audio in the background. Right here’s ways to play YouTube in the background on iPad with Jasmine. You might likewise like: How to download YouTube videos to your iPad or iPad mini.

STEP 1. Go to the App Store on your gadget and look for Jasmine. If you simply search for Jasmine you mightn’t find the right app. Install it, and then tap Open once it prepares.

STEP 2. Tap on a video from the list of search results page and you’ll see another display where you can play the video. Tap on Play Video and it’ll start to play.

STEP 3. Tap your home button to go back to the home screen, then double-tap to bring up the list of running apps. Swipe to the right to see the playback controls, and you’ll see Jasmine’s app icon. If your device is running iOS 6.0, tap on the Play button to continue listening to the audio.

STEP 4. If you are running iOS 6.1, you’ll observe that tapping the play button in step 3 does not work. This is discouraging, however you can still play sound from Jasmine. Tap the power button on your gadget to turn it off, then tap it once again to wake it up. Now double-tap the home button to raise the playback controls. Tap play and the sound from Jasmine will continue playing. NOTE: This trick doesn’t work with Google’s YouTube app – audio continues playing from the native Songs app.

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STEP 5. Back in Jasmine, visit the major menu by pressing Back a number of times. Tap the cog and you’ll see a host of choices. Adult controls are offered only in the Pro version which costs ₤ 1.49. Under appearance you’ll find a night mode and a brightness control.

Alternatively, if you are using a jailbroken device, there’s in fact a Flex tweak available that’ll allow background playback on the standard Google YouTube app. Since this leverages Google’s official YouTube app, it’s unlikely that the app itself would lose access to the YouTube API, and it’s otherwise significantly harder to obstruct this habits on a jailbroken gadget. The disadvantage, obviously, is that you need to jailbreak your gadget, with all of the additional trouble that entails.