While I was surfing around the net a few days ago, I came throughout a procedure that enables you to tape-record the screen of your iOS device making use of QuickTime Player on your Mac. As somebody which might actually profit from this function for demonstrative purposes, my curiosity was definitely actually peaked. Contribute to that the fact that it is developed right into every Mac running Yosemite and also that it’s totally complimentary, and I understood that several of you, as well, would really appreciate recognizing how it functions. Here’s a fast tutorial based after Aaron Douglas’ Post on The Dangling Pointer.

Benefits of using Yosemite as well as iOS 8 to videotape your iPad screen

  • QuickTime is already constructed right into your Mac
  • High top quality recording given that you are hard wired
  • Capable of recording audio

How to videotape your iPad display making use of QuickTime

mobile phone

  • Make sure you have iOS 8 installed on your iPad and also OS X 10.10 on your computer
  • Open the QuickTime Player application on your Mac
  • Select ‘Done’ in the home window that opens
  • Now choose File-> New Movie Recording. Your computer system cam (iSight, FaceTime) will open up, so do not be delighted when you’re looking at yourself
  • Select the arrowhead to the right of the document switch, and also select the video camera (iOS 8 gadget) that you wish to tape from


  • Once selected, you will certainly now be able to view your iPad screen. If you turn your iPad to picture method it will additionally rotate on the screen
  • Since you additionally have the ability to tape noise, also, you could likewise pick which microphone you want to record that sound
  • To start tape-recording, just select the red document button
  • After your recording is comprehensive you can either export the data (File-> Export->choose video type/size) or share it using your Yosemite extensions

apple iphoneLimitations to making use of QuickTime to record screen sharing on your iPad

  • Files could come to be vey large-so try and also prevent recordings short
  • You won’t be able to view where your fingers touch the screen-however, applications that are picked look at the same computer animations that you imagine on your iPad, so activities like opening up applications and also setups are still visible
  • I noticed a small lag, however it wasn’t also bad. Aaron suggests making sure you’re seeing the iPad screen when talking with ensure your audio explanations match exactly what is being watched.

Good good luck! Let us understand in the remarks section below if you are having any kind of issues, or would like to contribute to the conversation on any type of way.

[UPDATE: 4/8/15, 5:37 PM EST]

Unfortunately, it looks as though assistance for this utility is restricted to tools with a lightning connector, as I was unable to raise an iPad 3 in the camera choices. That means the earliest iPad that will work is the iPad 4. Sorry for any sort of confusion this could have induced. Many thanks for the heads-up, Ian!