iPad Accessibility Settings

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One of the many noteworthy brand-new functions in iOS 7 are the ‘Parallax’ motion effects that are noticeable throughout the brand-new UI in the latest variation of iOS. Numerous Apple fans are really fond of it, lots of Android fans think it’s mainly copied from Android, and regrettably a variety of individuals have concerns with these new motion results.

Many users have actually reported that the new effects even make them dizzy and unwell.

Luckily there’s a simple method to at least minimize these motion results. Here’s how:

– Open the Settings app and tap on the General area in the left sidebar.

– Then tap on ‘Ease of access’ over on the right-hand side of the General page– as shown in the screenshot at the top of this post. That’ll display the Availability page on the right-had side.

iPad Accessibility Settings

– Tap on ‘Reduce Motion’ on the Ease of access page. This will raise the Reduce Movement page on the right.

iOS 7 Reduce Motion

– Decrease Motion is shut off by default. Tap the button on the right to toggle it On or Off.

As the wording of this setting would imply, this won’t get rid of these movement impacts, but it seems to have actually assisted a few of the individuals who were being made sick by the default, full-on parallax effects.

If you or anybody you know has experienced sickness / problems due to these iOS 7 movement effects, let’s understand your thoughts in the discuss how this availability setup is working.