AirPlay, the wireless tech that lets you stream content from one Apple device to an additional, is definitely one of the cooler rewards of possessing a suite of iDevices. At the tap of a button, AirPlay lets you wirelessly stream films, music, and pictures from any iDevice (iPad, iPod, iPhone, or computer system) to your big display television with Apple TV ($99).

By default, nevertheless, this AirPlay wireless streaming is wide open, anyone running iOS or iTunes on the exact same network can easily broadcast content to your Apple TV at the tap of a button. For the majority of house users this is not a big issue, but if you’ve kids in your house, or you otherwise utilize your Apple TV on a network shared with various other iOS individuals, you might discover it useful to limit AirPlay access to your Apple TELEVISION– specifically since starting AirPlay from another gadget will disturb whatever you could currently be enjoying. Right here is how.

Apple has actually offered a few choices for this, you can set up and adjust AirPlay setups by going to Settings > AirPlay:

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If you do not want your Apple TELEVISION to be accessible via AirPlay at all, you can just toggle it off away.

Alternatively, you can set an onscreen code or a password to avoid AirPlay access to your Apple TELEVISION from iOS gadgets or iTunes.

To set an onscreen code

Use this readying to require a certain code to AirPlay to the Apple TELEVISION. When an AirPlay-enabled gadget efforts to link to an Apple TELEVISION with Onscreen Code made it possible for, enter the passcode revealed on the TELEVISION into the device that’s trying to link to the Apple TELEVISION.

To set a password

Use this readying to need a password for AirPlay-enabled gadgets to connect making use of AirPlay on the Apple TELEVISION. Use this setup for gadgets that’ll need long-lasting access and you just wish to get in the password once.