Google Contacts

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Google has made some modifications this year to how Google Contacts sync with iOS gadgets. For years I’d simply setup Google Sync as an Exchange account in Setups on the iPad and iPhone and it’s worked wonderfully for me. It’d actually been particularly excellent whenever I got a brand-new iPad or iPhone– as all I needed to do was setup that account and within less than a minute all my Contacts info was up-to-date.

Unfortunately, Google just recently shutdown their Google Sync service– but luckily it’s still easy to use Google to sync contacts on the iPad and iOS gadgets. Below’s how you do it:

*** Prior to embarking on this it’s obviously a great idea to ensure you backup your existing contacts. This can be done through iCloud or iTunes backup or whatever technique works for the service or app you utilize for your contacts information. You ought to likewise note this information about the CardDav sync approach made use of below:

Syncing by means of CardDAV is only available over SSL for Apple devices on iOS variation 5.0 and above.

And now below are the steps required:

– Open the Settings app an tap on the Mail, Contacts, Calendar area in the left sidebar

Settings Mail Contacts Calendars

– Tap on ‘Add Account’ on the Mail, Contacts, Calendar page

Add Account

– On the Add Account page tap on ‘Various other’. On the Various other page tap on ‘Add CardDav Account’ under the Contacts section

Add CardDav Account

– You’ll then get a popover window, where you should fill in your account information. Fill in the fields as follows:


User Name: Enter your complete Google Account or Google Apps e-mail address

Password: Enter your Google account or Google Application password

Description: Include a description for the account. I just utilize Google Contacts.

Then tap Next at the top right.

If you are prompted, make certain Contacts is picked.

Once you have done this and open the Contacts app, your contacts must begin syncing right away. If you want to set Google Contacts as your default account, follow these fast steps:

– Open the Settings app and pick Mail, Contacts, Calendar once again.

– Scroll down on the Mail, Contacts, Calendar page to the Contacts section and tap on ‘Default Account’. (Note that you’ll just see this entry if you’re syncing more than one account)

Contacts Default Account

– Select the Google contacts account you just produced– it’ll appear with the description you gave it in the first set of steps detailed above.

That’s it. If you make use of numerous iOS gadgets you need to follow these setup steps on each of them. Your contacts should now remain perfectly in sync on the iPad and any of your various other iOS gadgets.