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Google has actually made some changes this year to how Google Calendar syncs with iOS devices. For years I’ve just setup Google Sync as an Exchange account in Setups on the iPad and iPhone and it’s actually worked wonderfully for me. It’d been particularly excellent whenever I got a brand-new iPad or iPhone– as all I’d to do was setup that account and within less than a min all my Calendar information was current.

Unfortunately, Google Sync was shutdown by Google in January of this year. So when I just recently bought a brand-new iPad mini I discovered that Google Sync not works for Calendar or Contacts. However … there’s still a method to sync Google Calendar and Contacts with the iPad– and both are simple to do once you know how. In this post I’ll detail the best ways to get Google Calendar sync working, I’ll quickly compose an additional explaining how to setup Google Contacts sync.

Here’s how to get Google Calendar sync working with the iPad:

– Open the Settings app.

– Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars in the left sidebar

Settings Mail Contacts Calendars

– Tap on ‘Add Account’ on the Mail, Contacts, Calendars page. This will open the Add Account page

Add Account

– Tap on Gmail in the list of account kinds. This will bring up the Gmail account information page. Fill in the needed details there– your name, Gmail address, password, and a description for this account– then tap ‘Next’ at the top right of this page.

Gmail Account

– The next page that turns up will show the GMail services you wish to enable on this account– Mail, Calendar, and Notes. See to it Calendar is readied to On.

That’s it. Once you’ve actually finished those steps, simply open the Calendar app on the iPad and it’ll start syncing instantly.

If, like me, you already have a Gmail account setup you’ll simply have to modify it and make sure that Calendar is turned On. I also found that I should erase my old Google Sync Exchange account to make calendar sync work smoothly.

Happy calendar syncing.